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 Medical StudiesEXAM > The nurse is providing education to a patient about group B streptococcus (GBS) during a prenatal visit. This education session would include which statement from the following choices? - Ans-Between 35 and 37 weeks' gestation, GBS screening is done to detect this bacteria. What are the possible complications that a newborn can acquire from the mother with a positive GBS status during the birthing process? - Ans-Pneumonia, sepsis, meningitis. The nurse is carrying out a provider's order to administer an antibiotic by intravenous secondary infusion. In what order would the nurse complete the steps below? - Ans-1.) Verify the provider's order 2.) Check the patient's allergy status 3.) Confirm patient identity with two identifiers 4.) Explain the procedure to the patient 5.) Assess the patient's IV site 6.) Check the rights of medication administration A laboring woman with a positive GBS status was admitted to the hospital with ruptured fetal membranes. What maternal temperature reading would be reported to the primary healthcare provider? - Ans-100.8 F A patient is admitted in active labor, and she has a right occipitoanterior (ROA) presentation. The nurse is applying the external fetal m (All)


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