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 Human SexualityEXAM > Which data in a medical record would inform the nurse that a PRN pain medication can be administered to the patient? ✔✔The medication administration record and the nursing assessment notes from the last shift indicate the patient's level of comfort. Which information in a patient's medical record will help a nurse plan and manage the patient's pain? ✔✔Physician orders A patient completes the course of treatment for tuberculosis and is ready to be discharged home. Which instructions should be included in the patient's discharge education? ✔✔Importance of completing the medication prescribed A mother brings her child to the emergency department after noticing the child had trouble breathing, refused breastfeeding, and no urine in the diaper within the last eight hours. The provider suspects respiratory syncytial virus and admits the infant to the hospital. How will data in the medical record inform the decision to select appropriate infection-control precautions? ✔✔The data will identify the pathogen causing the patient's symptoms (All)


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