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 ChemistryAQA Questions and Marking Scheme > AQA GCSE CHEMISTRY: BONDING 2023

 ChemistryEXAM > What is true about water - Water is not a good conductor What makes up an atomic number - number of protons What are van der Waal forces - the two weakest intermolecular attractions (dispersion and dipole) Which intermolecular force is the strongest - hydrogen bonding How do you find atomic mass - protons + neutrons What is the oxidation reaction number of Mg - +2 What is the process called when hyrdogen and hydroxide are combined - Neutralization What kind of bonding occurs when opposite changes are attracted to one another - ionic bonding What is the weakest molecular interaction - dispersion force (London) What is the charge of magneisum - +2 moles to grams conversion - calculate the molar mass x the number of each element in the formula What is the systematic name for ammonia (NH3) - Nitrogen trihydrate What do catalysts do - speed up the rate of a reaction, lowers the amount of activation energy needed for a chemical reaction What is the term for the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 gram by 1

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