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NUR 2868 Leadership Test 1. Role, Scope, and Quality in Leadership.

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NRSNG NUR2868 Leadership Test 1 1. The NL1 and the NLA is not as powerful in the political circles as the ANA. To what is this lack of influence attributed A the leadership of the ANA is made up of ... mostly physicians B fewer than 10% of all registered nurses is members of either organization C the NLN does not carter to LPNs D the ANA and the NLN do not empower nurses to be politically active 2. The nurse manager closely watches survey results knowing that patient perceptions are useful insza A determining disciplinary actions in quality improvement B establishing priorities and quality improvement C establishing the competitive advantage of quality improvement decisions D establishing blame for poor quality care 3. Transformational leaders A pay little attention to the view of others B decrease negativity and increase productivity C inspires and communicates a shared vision D prefer to work alone on projects 4. The prevention of harm and pain as much as is possible is A beneficence B nonmaleficence C fidelity D negligence 5. To report an err is human to identify which problem A lack of continuing education among health profession B past practices that have a negative impact on nurses C the 6 major aims in providing healthcare D the number of deaths attributed to patient safety issues 6. What group constitutes the largest group of health care professionals including experts who serve on national committees and initiatives focused on policies standards and terminology development and standard coordination and electronic health records adoption A physicians and healthcare providers B nurse C nursing informaticists D health information professionals 7. Expert sources of power stems from A Expert sources of power stems from B the amount of knowledge skill and expertise that an individual has C recognizing that anger has its advantages and power struggles D the transference of reference power 8. A client wants to make his own personal healthcare decision the nurse recognizes this as A autonomy B beneficence C nonmaleficence D justice 9. A nurse manager notices that a nurse in the unit is not delivering care in accordance with recent policy change the effective approach of the nurse manager to take is to do WOTF A encourage the nurse to open verbalize the reasons for resistance to the change B explain to the nurse the importance of implementing new policy C ignores the resistance and allows peer pressure to initiate change in the nurse’s behavior D threaten disciplinary consequences if the nurse does not implement the new policy 10. A nurse is preparing to initiate iv therapy to a client who has a prescription for morphine 10mg iv bolus using time management principles which of the following actions should the nurse take first A mentally envision the procedure when gathering supplies B eject excessive medication from the pre fill syringe C explain the procedure to the patient D enter the room and perform hand hygiene 11. A nurse identifies a pressure ulcer after a client has a long extensive recovery following a surgical procedure when completing an incident report about the pressure ulcer the nurse should S/A A document in the client’s medical record that she completed an incident report B question the charge nurse about the incident C document the size and depth of the ulcer D document what the nurse believes was the cause of the ulcer E include any relevant statement the client made about the statement 12. A charge nurse is observing the action of an LPN she is supervising WOTF actions by the nurse require the nurse manager to intervene S/A A providing information about a client’s condition to care proxy B participating in walking rounds that involve the exchanging of client related information outside the client’s room C reviewing the healthcare records of a client assigned to another nurse D making a copy of a client’s most current labs results for the provider during rounds E discussing a client’s condition over the phone with an individual who has provided 13. A nurse is explaining the pediatric units quality improvement program to a newly hired nurse WOTF would the nurse include as the primary purpose of the quality improvement programs A determination of the appropriateness of standard B preparation for accreditation of the organization by the joint commission C improvement in patient outcomes D evaluation of staff member’s performance 14. Which of the following agencies is primarily responsible for quality of nursing education program A the American nursing assoc ANA B the American hospital assoc HAS C quality and safety education for nurses QSEN* D national lead for nursing NLN 15. A nurse is working with an assistive personnel to care for a group of clients on a pediatric floor which task should the AP perform first A ambulate a post op 5 yr old child to the play room B collect a stool sample for ova and parasite sample for a 2 year old C assist a nurse with bathing a 14 yr old child who has a handicap D feed 9 yr old child with bi lateral burns 16. Which type of leaders include the group when decisions are made A authoritative B lesafair C democratic D transactional 17. A nurse is participating in a quality improvement study of a particular procedure frequently performed on the unit WOTF is the primary goal of quality improvement A frequency with which the procedure is performed B improved patient outcomes C incidence of complication elated to procedures D client’s satisfaction with performance of procedures 18. ANC for a client who is dying of metastasized breast cancer she is prescribed pain med prn the nurse is concerned that administering a dose of pain med might hasten the clients death WOTF ethical principles should the nurse use to support the decision not administer the meds A veracity B utilitarism C nonmalefience D fidelity 19. A nurse recognizes that autocratic leaders A encourage creativity B share leadership C postpone decision making D give orders and make all decisions 20. The director of nursing has been observing staff interactions in a 60 bed skilled nursing facility based on her observation WOTF staff member is an obvious leader A the facility director who is in charge and is responsible for nursing services B the staff nurse who persuades other nurses to practice by making evidenced based decisions C the internist who has the largest number of patients and visits his patients daily D the internist who has the largest number of patients and visits his patients daily 21. What is an ethical dilemma A a situation that requires protection for its results B a situation that has a particular effect on the client and the family C a situation that involves conflict between 2 moral imperatives D a situation that cannot have a good outcome 22. Qualities to look for in an effective leader are A finding fault with others B the ability to give orders C a masters degree D decision making skills 23. An older adult client who is on fall precautions is found lying on the floor of his hospital room WOTF is most appropriate for the nurse to take first A inspect the client for injuries B call the clients provider C ask a staff member for assistance to get the client to bed D ask the client why he got out of bed without assistance 24. A nurse executive is hired to restore a units productivity which has decreased as low staff morale the nurse executive should utilize WOTF executive principles A the leader should set the tone which would allow nurses to follow to control of the environment B leaders ate the national level who are seeking relief for nurses in the workplace are seen as the solution to nursing shortage C workplace satisfaction depends on staffing ratio adequate pay and institution reimbursement and these are things the leader can’t control D if the staff members are not satisfied the will insist on different leaders who will get them what they want 25. Which is truest about a job vs a career A a job is major life decision requiring a group of skills B a career requires commitment and is seen as a person’s life work C a job requires a college degree and specialized training D a career does not progress or develop as the person gains experience 26. A nurse has assigned client care activities to an AP which statement by the AP indicate a need for assistance in establishing priority A after breakfast I will pack the belongings of the client who will be discharged this morning B I will start by providing a partial bath before breakfast C I have my assignment and will start with room 1 and work my way to room 10 D I will give his client his meal tray first as he is going early to PT 27. What is one difference between management and leadership A leadership is not concerned with getting work done B leadership is more focused on people C management focuses on budget D management is an assigned position 28. WOTF must be considered when analyzing a potential ethical dilemma S/A A the wishes of the client B the client’s neighbor who is a nurse C the Medias portrayal of the situation D the wishes of the family E the complexity of the issues causing the dilemma F the nurses own feelings about the situation 29. An example of an effective patient outcome statement is A the client will reduce weight through diet and exercise B 90% of all patients on the unit will be assessed by the RN with 1 hour admission C because quality is a designed element in patients transactions most client’s surveys will be favorable D patients with cardiac diagnosis will be referred to cardiac rehab program 30. The manager of a surgical area to add nursing assistance or unlicensed persons to feed bath and walk patients the RNs on the staff have always practiced on a primary nursing delivery system and are very resistant to this idea what is the best initial strategy in this situation A drop the idea and try for the change in a year or so B explore the reason for the RN group to resist to this change C higher the assistant and allow the RN to see what a good addition they are D leave the RN alone for time before they are approached again 31. An emotionally intelligent leader A welcomes constructive criticism B works alone with minimal help C seeks emotional support from others D cannot juggle multiple demands 32. While obtaining a blood specimen from a client’s peripheral venous catheter line the nurse contaminates his gloved hand with blood upon completion of the task the nurse should first A have the client’s blood tested to determine if a blood born pathogen is present B remove the glove carefully and perform hand washing C prepare an incident report to document this occurrence D wash the gloved hands then throw the gloves away 33. Nurses on the medical floor is frustrated with their new nurse manager they complain that nothing is never good enough for him these statements suggest that the nurse manager goals may be A too low B unrealistic C impossible D measurable 34. While interviewing for a case manage position you are asked to give an example of what you think your role will be you answer A propose changes to managers of medical errors B study new policies with iv and recommend training C coordinates the use of healthcare services in an efficient and cost effective manner D delegate responsibilities and provide nursing care to the patient on your case load 35. The designation of the RN to assistive personnel to carry out a specific nursing task in certain cases is known as A delegation B association C function D quality assurance 36. A transactional leader tries to A share the leadership B make little or no attempt to move the group C move the group with incentives D dampen creativity of the group 37. Which is a more productive way to deal with stress on the job A ignore it and be cheerful for the greater good of the organization B use positive coping skills developed in past experiences in handling stressors C use defensive mechanisms o question authority D understand that leaders do not need to know and understand themselves to know others 38. The graduate nurse knows that the following are listed in the ANA code major ethical principles A autonomy fidelity candor B beneficence infidelity nonmalificience C fidelity deceived autonomy D veracity nonmalificeince autonomy 39. A 2 day post-op client acknowledges inadequate pain relief and rates his pain as an 8 utilizing a 0-10 pain scale when you approach him for ostomy teaching he turns away and closes his eyes which approach incorporating Maslow’s higher archy of needs motivational theory is most appropriate in this situation A tell him you will let him rest today and see if he is feeling better tomorrow B talk to the social worker about arranging health care services at discharge to assist with teaching C intervene to improve his pain management control and return later in the day to assess his readiness to learn D gently remind mr jones about the importance of participation in post-op teaching today because he may be discharged within several days 40. WOTF traits must effective leaders have A a set of specific duties B cohesive aggressive personality C personal development as a primary outcome D personal accountability and follow through 41. What ethical principle demands that good be done for the benefit of others A beneficience B accountability C justice D autonomy 42. Which leader makes few decisions do very little planning and rely on their staff to get the job accomplished A lesafair B autocratic C democratic D visionary 43. The outcome statement “patient will experience a 10% reduction of UTIs as a result of enhanced staff training related to catheterization and prompted voiding” is A measurable and nursing related B precise measurable and physician approved C physician related and non-measurable D patient care centered and non-measurable 44. The economic climate in the US healthcare system now pressure Health care providers to A alternatives to treatment B deliver care to only privately insured patients C deliver quality care at lower cost D provide the best care whatever the cost 45. Risk management is an important part of quality improvement because it A measures the success of a healthcare facility B addresses liability and financial losses in organization C is a critical pathway that provides framework for an organization D anticipates client discharge and needs 46. ANC for a client who came to the emergency department with abdominal distention and is now on the med surge unit with an NG tube in place to lower gastric suction the client is reporting anxiety discomfort and a feeling of bloating WOTF is the nurses priority action A requests a prescription of meds to ease the clients anxiety B irrigate the NG tube with 100 ml of sterile water C remove and reinsert the NG tube D check to see if the suction equipment is working 47. While explaining the importance of developing leadership skills among nurses to a group of nursing students the instructor emphasized that A most nurses are not expected to assume leadership roles B only individuals of the leadership roles are expected to be leaders C the public depends on nurses to assume leadership and moving consumer advocacy concerns forward D the role of the nurse leadership is only at the bedside ensuring that patient care is performed according to established standards 48. After being interviewed for the unit manager position the staff nurse reflects on the interview process the staff nurse is aware that leadership begins A through relationship with the mentor B with the chief nursing officer of the organization C within oneself D with the job description 49. Which can be mostly accurately said about the followers A followers can also be referred to control the groups individual work and energies B followers are unpaid and therefore are not as accountable as leaders and managers C a follower with emotional intelligence is more apt to lead than follow at any given time D effective followers provide feedback to the leader in order to identify problems and find solutions 50. The emotionally intelligent nursing leader A is unable to multi task B is committed to providing high quality patient care C has trouble understanding the reactions of followers D is committed to understanding coworkers in an attempt to understand them [Show More]

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