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Summary 2021 HESI Med Surg 55 Questions

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A patient had abdominal surgery and states that after coughing it feels like his guts has spilled out. What should the nurse do first? Visualize the abdominal area A patient has been taking Kenalog (c... orticosteroid) with increase redness... Schedule an appointment A patient hd a BDP. What warrants further intervention? Positive gastro occult emesis A patient who has been taking B12 says he's fatigue. What lab to monitor? CBC A patient with Parkinson is walking... ? Confirm that its effective Whats priority for a patient who is allergic to bananas? Replace latex How to prevent a renal calculi? limit tea and chocolate If a patient is in F-vib what medication to give? Adenosine A nurse is caring for a patient and is unable to palpate a pedal pulse. What should the nurse do next? Obtain a doppler A client with a history of COPD has established a walking program. How do we know that walking is effective? Cardiovascular improvement Post -op A client informs the nurse that he know all about how to breath. How should the nurse respond? .... Order 100 units in 250ml to infuse at 12units/hr12/100 *250= 30 A client complains of pain in the right calf. What is the nurse's priority? Remain in bed A client just returned after having a TURP and has clot. What should the nurse do? slowly irrigate What's Priority for a client wit [Show More]

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