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A nurse is collecting data from a client who has emphysema. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect? (Select all that apply.) 1) Dyspnea 2) Barrel chest 3) Clubbing of the fingers ... 4) Shallow respirations INCORRECT 5) Bradycardia Answer Rationale: Dyspnea is correct. Dyspnea is experienced by clients who have emphysema due to inadequate oxygen exchange in the lungs. Barrel chest is correct. The lungs of clients who have emphysema lose their elasticity, and the diaphragm becomes permanently flattened by overdistention of the lungs. The muscles of the rib cage also become rigid, and the ribs flare outward. This produces the barrel chest typical of emphysema clients. Clubbing of the fingers is correct. Air is trapped in the lungs due to their lack of elasticity, which decreases oxygenation. Clubbing results from these chronic low bloodoxygen levels. Shallow respirations is correct. Clients who have emphysema lose lung elasticity; consequently, respirations become increasingly shallow and more rapid. Bradycardia is incorrect. The heart rate will increase as the heart tries to compensate for less oxygen being delivered to the tissues. 2. A nurse is caring for a client who has Cushing's syndrome. Which of the following clinical manifestations should the nurse expect to observe? (Select all that apply.) 1) Buffalo hump 2) Purple striations 3) Moon face [Show More]

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