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3-1 Final Project Milestone One: Organization Analysis and Facility Location

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B. Forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling By the consideration to the volume of products moved through the Walmart’s stores and the sheer size, the company hasn’t been an accurate foreca... sting forefront for its inventory network and supply chain management. It has recompensed for this need by straightening communication channels with suppliers through sharing the directly information systems with their suppliers, so they can forecast the demands and track by themselves. The requirement for planning capacity has been minimized since Walmart has consolidated the forecasting with supplier procedure with cross docking in the warehouses. The cross docking essentially decreases the inventory storages as within 24 hours goods are delivered from the suppliers to any distributions centers that are close to the retail stores where they are stored, repackaged and distributed to delivery trucks without sitting long in the inventories. (Lu, 2014). [Show More]

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