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NR222 final exam._ Complete Questions and Answers

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1.) The nurse is to instruct the client about the long- term consequences of non-compliance to prescribed medication. Which education strategy would be most appropriate for the nurse to use in order t... o develop the affective learning domain of the client? 2.) A nurse manager is teaching a group of nurses about the levels of prevention. Which example of the tertiary level of prevention should be included in the instruction. 3.) A nurse is establishing health promotion goals for a female client who smokes cigarettes, has hypertension and has a BMI of 26. Which of the following goals should the nurse include? 4.) Which of the following emphasizes that an individuals belief in being personally capable of preforming the behavior is required to influence one’s own health? 5.) The nurse is discussing the importance of routine preventive care with a Hispanic family who has recently immigrated to the United States. Which factor will the nurse consider as a barrier in the family’s interest to receive professional health care? Select All That Apply 6.) The following are true about Healthy People 2020 initiative (Select All That Apply) 7.) True statements about the ANA Code of Ethics (Select All That Apply): 8.) The following are health concerns and issues of migrant workers (Select All that Apply) 9.) Which data represents objective findings? (Select All That Apply) 10.) The steps included in the nursing process include: (Select All That Apply) 11.) What information is about nursing standards of care? [Show More]

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