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NUR 2488 Mental Health Nursing Exam 2 Rasmussen University (Summer 2021) NUR 2488 Mental Health Nursing Mental Health Exam 2 Rasmussen University (Summer 2021) When can a patient stop t... aking their mood stabilizer? - They should not stop taking their mood stabilizer. Inpatient, you are accessing your patient for depression 3 days after starting medication treatment, your client is in a cheerful mood and says "I feel great", you should change his care plan to include which of the following - Keep a closer eye on the patient, consider asking for an order for staff view at all times. Your patient is experiencing acute mania, what type of environment should you put the patient in? - A neutral-colored room with minimal furnishing Your patient with acute mania now seems to be responding well to treatment, how are you able to tell. - Participating in groups, taking turns speaking, appropriately dressed. [Show More]

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