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Sophia US History 1 Milestone 4 With Answers

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Sophia US History 1 Milestone 4 1 Which of the following events resulted in western lands being given away for a nominal fee to independent adults who could improve on them? 2 Which of the... following was an advantage for the Union in the Civil War? 3 4 Which statement about the Wade-Davis Bill is true? 5 Which element of Manifest Destiny is reflected in the following statement? 6 Consider the following statement: "A woman can best support the nation by cultivating virtue within her household." Which of the following principles or movements would the speaker most likely support? 7 Which statement describes Congressional Reconstruction? 8 What did Frederick Douglass mean when he spoke the following words? "This is our golden opportunity. Let us accept it, and forever wipe out the dark reproaches unsparingly hurled against us by our enemies." 9 Which statement best summarizes the "concurrent majority," an idea advanced by John C. Calhoun to protect slavery in the 19th century? 10 Which statement best reflects the beliefs of opponents to slavery motivated by free labor ideology? "We believe all African Americans have the right to become equal citizens in the United States." 11 Which of the following justifications did southern states give for secession? 12 Which of the following statements best represents Abraham Lincoln's experience of and views on slavery prior to the Civil War? 13 Which of the following groups sought to destroy vehicles of black political organization during Reconstruction? 14 Which of the following methods used by slaveowners to subdue their slaves was most common? 15 Choose the combination of words that correctly completes this sentence: "The ________ was one of several events that upended the second-party system of Whigs and Democrats and increased the membership of the Republican Party, which dedicated itself to the principles of ________." [Show More]

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