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4UquNestiIonTs we1re a—nswerMed inIcLorrEectSly.TONE 1 Choose the statement that best describes slavery before it was racialized. Slavery was well-known in Africa throughout history but not in... other parts of the world. Slavery was often a temporary condition and the result of debt, warfare or famine. Slavery was limited to religious groups who enslaved other religious groups. Before slavery was racialized, it was uncommon for slaves to become part of the family. CONCEPT African Society and Slavery 2 "What were the causes of the Civil War?" Consider the above research question and choose the secondary source that is best suited to answer it. First-hand accounts from freed slaves following the Civil War A Hollywood film about the life of Abraham Lincoln Maps of the United States that were produced prior to 1860 A 2018 biography of General Robert E. Lee, who led the South's army CONCEPT Analyzing Primary Sources 3 https://www.coursehero.com/file/67105290/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-1pdf/ Which factor initially prevented England from establishing permanent colonies in the Americas? The government was more concerned with religious and political disputes than with sponsoring colonization of the Americas. English citizens were too afraid to go to the Americas after the settlement at Roanoke disappeared. England didn't want to risk war with Spain, which already controlled much of the Americas. Religious tensions spilled over into the Americas, which led many to wait until they settled down. CONCEPT English Contact 4 Which of the following statements is true? Names and dates are the most important aspects of studying history. The way historians write about the same events changes over time. The same events lead to the same historical narratives. History is best described as a timeline of people and events. CONCEPT T he Historian's Practice 5 According to Robert Beverley, how did 17th century Virginians distinguish between servants and slaves? Servants had a right to vote and be elected to political office, but slaves did not. Female slaves could not be subjected to hard labor, but female servants could. Servants were freed after a period of some years, whereas slaves were forced to serve for life. They were distinguished by where they worked: servants indoors and slaves in the fields. CONCEPT Settling the Southern Colonies 6 hHttposw://wdwidwF.croeunrscehheJroe.scuomits/fielen/c6o71u0r5a2g9e0/tShoephsipa-rUeaSd-HoisftoCryh-r1i-sMtiialenstiotynei-n1ptdhf/e Americas? By threatening to kill natives who didn't convert CONCEPT F rench and Dutch Contact 7 Which country eventually came to dominate the Atlantic slave trade? Portugal England France Spain CONCEPT T he Atlantic World 8 "If the natives do not submit to our total and absolute authority, we will destroy them and take their lands." The above statement is most representative of which group of European explorers? English Spanish French Dutch CONCEPT Think About It: How Did Europeans Justify Colonization of the New World? 9 hWttphs:i/c/whwEwn.cgoluisrhsehceorloo.cnoymw/fiales/6fo71u0n5d2e9d0/Sinop1h6ia3-U4 Sa-sHaistsoercyo-1n-dMisloesutorncee-1opfdtfo/ bacco production with a charter from King Charles I? Jamestown CONCEPT The English Colonial Experiment: Virginia and Massachusetts 10 Which native civilization used a system of knotted threads to record and communicate information? The Aztec The Hopewell The Pueblo The Inca CONCEPT T he First Settlers 11 What reason did the Quakers, who opposed slavery, give in support of their view? "We are the loyal subjects of Charles II. He opposes slavery, and thus do we." "Christians are not supposed to treat others in ways they themselves would not like to be treated." "Many of us have had visions of slavery being abolished. It is thus the will of God." "Other colonies are beginning to oppose slavery. We should as well so that we're not left behind." CONCEPT Settling the Middle Colonies 12 Which of the following historians is collecting oral history? https://www.coursehero.com/file/67105290/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-1pdf/ Kayla reads news articles that were published in London during the Civil War. CONCEPT Think About It: What is History? 13 Which of the following statements reflects the process of colonization? It was driven by a desire for raw materials to enrich and expand European empires. It began with the Silk Road that connected Europe with Asia. It transforms an item into a product with a monetary value to buy and sell. It accelerated because of the natural advances of the Atlantic region. CONCEPT The Columbian Exchange 14 Which of the following motives played the biggest role in the European discovery of the New World? Obtaining goods like spices and silk from civilizations in Asia Making world maps more accurate and complete Looking for new nations with which to form alliances Finding new civilizations in which to spread Christianity CONCEPT Maritime Exploration 15 Ephraim gives a presentation on the Vietnam War and how it changed the way war is depicted in movies, television and images. Which of the following is most likely a lens with which he is analyzing the past? https://www.coursehero.com/file/67105290/Sophia-US-History-1-Milestone-1pdf/ Culture CONCEPT The Lenses of History 16 Which of the following was a key motive for Spain's colonization of Florida? Large deposits of easily accessible silver and gold were found throughout the entire peninsula. The native Timucua were immune to European diseases and thus made a strong ally for Spain. Privateers from other European countries were using Florida as a base from which to attack Spanish ships. There were no European settlements in Florida prior to the founding of St. Augustine by the Spanish. CONCEPT Spanish Contact 17 Which of the following statements about governance in the northern colonies is true? Women were invited to collaborate in the governance of both church and state. Most adult men had the right to vote, no matter their economic status. Competing political and religious ideologies were generally tolerated. A central religious figure served by divine-right and was the highest authority. CONCEPT Settling the Northern Colonies 18 Which of the following was a source of tension between English colonists and Native Americans? https://wNwawti.vcoeuArsemheerroic.caonms/fciolen/6s7ta1n0t5l2y9m0/Soocpkheida-UthSe-Hcoisltoonryis-1ts-Mfoilrestthoenier-1wpedaf/knesses. Native Americans and colonists often competed over the same natural resources. Virginia colonists found a variety of Native American tribes in the region with whom to form alliances. CONCEPT English and Native American Conflict 19 Many Native Americans were eager to trade with Europeans for advanced weaponry. What was an economic effect of this trade? Native Americans stopped trading with other tribes because now they could use muskets to steal from one another. Native Americans began to hunt more beavers so they could trade the pelts for muskets. Native Americans began harvesting the raw materials used to make muskets and gunpowder. Native Americans began selling Europeans traditional native weaponry like bows and arrows in exchange. CONCEPT [Show More]

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