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Chamberlain College of Nursing NURSING NR 304NR-304 final Exam Review.

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Organs of each abdominal quadrant Location of pulses: Assessment of pulses Allen’s Test – Modified Allen Test The modified Allen test is used to evaluate the adequacy of collateral circulation... before cannulating the radial artery A,Firmly occlude both the ulnar and radial arteries of one hand while the person makes a fist several times. This causes the hand to blanch. B, Ask the person to open the hand without hyperextending it; then release pressure on the ulnar artery while maintaining pressure on the radial artery. Adequate circulation is suggested by a palmar blush, a return to the normal color of the hand in less than 7 seconds. Although this test is simple and useful, it is relatively crude and subject to error (i.e., you must occlude both arteries uniformly with 11 pounds of pressure for the test to be accurate). C, Pallor that persists or a sluggish return to color suggests occlusion of the collateral arterial flow. An equivocal result is 8 to 14 seconds; ≥15 seconds is a negative result. Avoid radial artery cannulation until adequate circulation is shown. Limitations of the modified Allen test are that it is subjective and requires patient cooperation that may not occur in emergency or critical care situations—just the times you need to cannulate the radial artery. Doppler flow studies can ensure collateral flow that is quantifiable. A small, flat probe is taped to the palm at the end of the patient's index finger. A baseline value for blood flow is recorded and then compared for change when the two arteries are occluded. [Show More]

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