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ATI Comprehensive Predictor Questions and answers all correct graded A+++

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FYI numbers that are highlighted in yellow are confirmed VERSION 2 - 2016 1. A nurse is planning care for a preschool-age child who is in the acute phase of Kawasaki disease. Which of the following... interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care? a. Give acetaminophen to control the child’s fever B. Monitor the client’s cardiac status (Peds p120) c. Administer antibiotics via intermittent IV bolus for 24 hrs d. Provide stimulation with children of the same age in the playroom 2. A nurse observes a client on the psychiatric unit muttering and standing near a window. The client states, “The voices are telling me to jump.” Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse? a. “Do you recognize the voices as belonging to anyone you know?” B. “I understand the voices are frightening you, but I do not hear any voices.” c. “That can’t be true. The only voices in this room are yours and mine.” d. “You shouldn’t be afraid when you think the voices are telling you to hurt yourself.” Rationale: try to reorient the client back to reality. 3. A nurse is caring for a client who is preparing his advance directives. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of advance directives? (Select all that apply.) a. “I need an attorney to witness my signature on the advance directives.” *(nurse witnesses it) b. “I have the right to refuse treatment.” (Leadership p38) c. “My doctor will need to approve my advance directives.” (just needs to write a prescription) d. “My health care proxy can make medical decisions for me.” (Leadership p38) e. “I can’t change my advance directives once submitted.” (yes you can) 4. A client who is pregnant voices her concern that her 3-year-old son will feel left out once the newborn arrive. Which of the following statements by the nurse is appropriate? a. “Offer your son a gift when the baby receives one.” (Provide a gift from the infant to give the sibling) b. “Teach your son to change the baby’s diapers.” (Allow older siblings to help in providing care for the infant) c. “Tell your son to kiss the baby.” (Maternity p126: Let the sibling be one of the first to see the infant) Don’t force interactions betch d. “Move your son to a toddler bed when the baby arrives. (do this weeks prior to baby’s arrival) 5. A nurse is teaching a client who has nephrotic syndrome about dietary management. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? a. Limit total daily sodium intake to 4 to 5 grams B. Obtain most calories from complex carbohydrates c. Consume a high-protein diet (Sufficient amount of protein, high potassium, low sodium) d. Avoid intake of soy products. Rationale: Excess of protein should be avoided because a very high protein diet may cause tubular damage to the kidneys as the kidneys will have to filter more of the proteins. But moderate protein intake (about 1 gm/kg body weight) is mandatory to compensate for the protein loss in the urine. COMPREHENSIVE [Show More]

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