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Fundamentals of Nursing 9th Edition by Taylor, Lynn, Bartlett Test Bank > complete A+ guide; all chapters questions/answers(deeply elaborated)

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Chapter 1, Introduction to Nursing An oncology nurse with 15 years of experience, certification in the area of oncology nursing, and a master’s degree is considered to be an expert in her area of... practice and works on an oncology unit in a large teaching hospital. Based upon this description, which of the following career roles best describes this nurse’s role, taking into account her 1. qualifications and experience? What guidelines do nurses follow to identify the patient’s health care needs and strengths, to establish and carry out a 2. plan of care to meet those needs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan to meet established outcomes? Which of the following organizations is the best source of information when a nurse wishes to determine whether an 3. action is within the scope of nursing practice? The ICN provides a venue for national nursing organizations to collaborate, but does not define standards and scope of practice. 4. Who is considered to be the founder of professional nursing? 5. Which of the following nursing pioneers established the Red Cross in the United States in 1882? A nurse practitioner is caring for a couple who are the parents of an infant diagnosed with Down Syndrome. The nurse 6. makes referrals for a parent support group for the family. This is an example of which nursing role? A nurse is providing nursing care in a neighborhood clinic to single, pregnant teens. Which of the following actions is 7. the best example of using the counselor role as a nurse? A nurse instructor explains the concept of health to her students. Which of the following statements accurately describes 8. this state of being? A nurse incorporates the health promotion guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health document: Healthy 9. People 2010. Which of the following is a health indicator discussed in this document? 10. Which of the following is a criteria that defines nursing as profession? [Show More]

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