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Arizona State University Computer Science and Engineering CSE 340 - Spring 2014 Final Exam. Solution NAME: The following should be signed when you hand in your paper. I give my word of honor and... solemnly swear that I did not violate the academic integrity policy in answering the questions of the exam Read everything carefully. Some statements can be tricky. Not all questions have equal weight. 1[ 5 points ] Consider the following C declarations: struct G; // declaration struct F { int y; struct D* next; }; struct E { int x; struct F next; }; struct D { int x; struct E next; }; struct H { int x; int (*next)(struct G); // pointer to a function that takes // struct G as parameter and returns int }; struct G { // definition float x; struct H next[10]; }; Assume that the size of a structure is the sum of the sizes of its fields and an int fields requires 6 bytes of space, a pointer field requires 4 bytes of space and a float field requires 8 bytes of space. Write your answer in the box: 1. sizeof(D) = 22 (int + struct E) 2. sizeof(E) = 16 (int + struct F) 3. sizeof(F) = 10 (int + pointer) 4. sizeof(G) = 8 (float) + 10*10 (array of struct H) = 108 5. sizeof(H) = 10 (int + pointer) 2[15 points ] Consider the following function definition func f(a,b,c,d) = if c(c(a,b),b) then d[b] else c Assuming Hindley-Milner type inference is done, fill in the blank for each of the following (assume arithmetic can only be done on numeric types int or real). You can parametrize you answer with polymorphic types, but you should use the names of the types consistently for the various answers. Answer: 1. Ta = bool 2. Tb = int 3. Tc = bool (*) (bool, int) 4. Td = array of bool(*)(bool, int) 5. Tf = bool (*)(bool,int) (*) (Ta, Tb,Tc,Td) 3[15 points] Consider the following C code struct T { [Show More]

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