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NUR 2488 Mental Health Nursing Exam 3 Review NUR 2488 Mental Health Nursing Mental Health Exam 3 Review 1- Adolescence suicidal behavior: • Males are more likely to use a leth... al method 2- Anxiety has different levels: Mild, moderate, severe and panic. • Mild: is positive, healthy. • Severe: hypervigilant, cannot focus, sleep. • Panic: physical symptoms, can’t breathe, chest pain, decline in function. Autonomic nervous system 3- Conversion Disorder: trauma and stressors throughout your life. You keep not listening to your symptoms and your panic, anxiety and fear makes your body shut down. You stop walking, having seizures but there is no medical reason. 4- GAD: being worried, fearful and can’t control it for 6mo, more days of anxiety than not. Insomnia, irritability 5- Acute Stress Disorder: per the DSM-5, lasts 0-30 days. Example: divorce, lost o employment 6- PTSD: night terrors, constantly thinking about the event, won’t go to the area where the event happened. Starting at day 31 7- ASD vs PTSD: less than 30 days is ASD. Trauma hasn’t been resolved is PTSD [Show More]

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