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Response paper Assignment | Online Homework Help: Sample Student Response Paper from a Linguistics Course

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Response paper Assignment | Online Homework Help Using the reading Louie & Qin (2017) To develop a reading response paper, you might find it helpful to annotate a reading, for example by writing brie... f comments in the margins. Your response could incorporate any of the following points: ●Ideas you find particularly noteworthy, possibly based on your own interests●Connections between the text and your personal experiences●Things that surprised you or confirmed your previous ideas or opinions●Your own position with regard to any controversies or debates presented in the text ●Assumptions or conclusions you (partially) disagree with ●Personal takeaways●Questions you have or topics you would still like to know more about Question 2 (0.25 points) Below is a jumbled up summary from a student response paper in a Linguistics course. Try to re-order the sentences into a coherent summary. Question 2 options: Secondly, this metaphor creates the sense that the obedience to language “laws” and the strict correction of a language's misuse is definitely a good thing, while employing the language improperly is tantamount to a crime. Through his writing, he shows his firm belief in the idea that language and its usage are intrinsically linked to money, and that using any non-standard form of English in this country leads to low-paying jobs, living in unpleasant neighborhoods, and being “condemned to a life of poverty.” He credits his own rise from the barrio to his ability succeed in the classroom and workplace as a direct result of “my mom [being a] language cop... she assertively corrected anyone who misspoke it”, which to me indicates several of his underlying beliefs about language. Firstly, that there is a “right” way and a “wrong way” to speak a language. He notes in his article that he believes non-standard language usage and its negative consequences apply not only to variations of English in the United States, but also applies the idea of the danger in drawing on non-standard language variations when using “broken and incorrect Spanish” in Mexico- implying that universally, for each language there is a correct, standardized variety and all the rest are incorrect. Daniel Muniz's article “Ebonics And Tex-Mex - English By Any Other Name,” through anecdotes of his own life and lives of others, aims to convince readers of the importance of speaking a standardized form of English if one wishes to succeed financially and professionally in the United States. [Show More]

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