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WGU formulas and study guide Applied Healthcare Statistics (Western Governors University)

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WGU formulas and study guide Applied Healthcare Statistics (Western Governors University)1. Integers, rational and real numbers. WHOLE number 2. Equation a line: y=mx+b m= slope of the line b = ... y intercept (basically, where the line crosses the y axis.) * Example: say you have equation of the line y= 2x+6 , you know that line will go directly through 6 on the y axis. This can help you eliminate the wrong answers quickly seeing answers where the line crosses through say -3 or 1 you would know right away that is the wrong answer just by knowing the y intercept). 3. Temperature formula: F*= (1.8x C*)+32 (only 1 question) 4. Know Standard Deviation I memorized the Bells Curve and drew it on my white board ASAP. I filled in/labelled all the percentages (34%, 13.5%. 2.5%, 0.15% & 68%, 95%, 99.7%), mean, +/-1SD, +/-2SD, +/-3SD, (may seem confusing now but once you look at the diagram you’ll know what I'm talking about). Formula for Standard deviation : *This is how my brain understood how to calculate Standard deviation outlined in Module 4. • Standard deviation 1: Mean - SD & Mean + SD • Standard deviation 2: Mean - (2 x SD) & Mean + (2 x SD) • Standard deviation 3: Mean - (3 x SD) & Mean + (3 x SD) [Show More]

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