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TM112 - Introduction To Computing 2- TMA03 (Marked)/TMA03 TM112

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TM112 - Introduction To Computing 2- TMA03 (Marked) TMA03 TM112 TMA03 TM112 Question 1 Within a HDD are sectors that can store 512 bytes of data which are grouped together into a cluster, a file... ’s size could take up a few clusters although not using all the sectors capacity leaving slack space, continuing to store file’s as such till it’s non-contiguous causing the PC to slow down but a defragging utility will more chucks of files together optimizing speeds. Partitions are created for the OS’s FAT or NTFS as an index of clusters in use, unallocated or when a file has been deleted but doesn’t waste time removing the files but make’s the cluster vacant to be over written and can prove useful for file recovery after an accidentally deleting. For security before you throw away a HDD the data must be cleared through either overwriting the disk with zeros and ones, degaussing data magnetisation on HDD’s using a magnetic field or physical destruction. (words 150) Question 2 a)i) >> show definition >>>Prompt for user input >>>If the glossary contains this word, print the definition of the entry >>>Otherwise, print the entry was not found in glossary ii) def look_up_definition(): """ Ask's user for a word to define and returns the definition if there is one. """ entry = input('Please enter your word: ') if entry in glossary: print('The definition of ', entry, 'is ', glossary[entry]) else: print(entry, 'not found in glossary') [Show More]

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