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LEADERSHIP EXAM 1 2021 | Questions and Answers | All Correct | NR 504 Chamberlain College of Nursing

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Week 1 PART I & II: LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, PROFESSIONALISM & ORGANIZATIONAL CONCEPTS ALL QUESTIONS 5.ID: 457300802 Effective managers utilize group problem solving to discuss and participate in so... lving a problem. Which are examples of decision-making strategies that are useful in groups (select all that apply)? Six Sigma Correct Incrementalism Scenario planning Correct Budgetary model Worst-case scenario Correct 6 The _____ is a tool which is useful in assessing the readiness for organizational change. Rapid Cycle Change Organizational Change-Readiness Scale (OCRS) Correct five-dimensional scale plan-do-study-act model 7.ID: 457299012 Individual members of a group will adapt to change at different rates. Which of the following groups would take the longest to accept change? Innovators Laggards Correct Early adopters Late majority 8.ID: 457300804 8Nurses in clinical practice need to be able to make decisions based on the needs of the client, situations, or practice problems. Which of the following statements are true regarding critical thinking in nursing (select all that apply)? Critical thinkers challenge the norm. Correct Critical thinkers utilize the step-by-step nursing process in order. Critical thinkers consider unintended consequences when making decisions. Correct Critical thinking should be left to the discretion of the nurse leader. Critical thinkers are creative in their thinking. Correct 9How is the refreezing stage of change similar to the nursing process? Refreezing is like the planning and implementation phase of the nursing process. Refreezing is like evaluation in the nursing process. Correct Refreezing is similar to the problem identification phase of the nursing process. Refreezing is similar to the assessment phase of the nursing process. 10.ID: 457300806 The nursing education department is revising its orientation curriculum for nurse externs. A consultant has been hired to revise the program completely. When the curriculum is completed, most of the prior curriculum and activities are found to be the same. This is an example of which of the following decisionmaking distortions? Anchoring trap Framing trap Status quo trap Correct Confirming evidence trap 11.ID: 457299016 11Learning organizations adapt to change through their ability to be open, dynamic, and responsive to changes in the environment. Which of the following learning disciplines are true of these types of organizations (select all that apply)? Viewing the organization as an interrelated system is known as systems thinking. Correct Personal mastery encourages individuals to create results as they see fit. Learning is conducted in individual parts rather than in groups. Individuals utilize mental models to understand how their vision affects their decisions and actions. Correct Shared vision is conducted within a group to determine plans to get to the preferred future. Correct 12 A team consisting of preoperative, operative, and postoperative health care professionals and ancillary staff is examining the turnaround time from the preoperative area to discharge for patients having tonsillectomies. The goal is to decrease waiting times for clients. Which of the following techniques would delineate processes that are delaying time for patients having tonsillectomies? Scenario planning Cost-benefit analysis Trial and error Shared decision making Correct 13.ID: 457309259 To establish legal liability on the grounds of malpractice, the injured party must prove which of the following (select all that apply)? Causation was present. Correct Actual harm or damages were suffered by the plaintiff. Correct There was a breach of duty. Correct A duty of care was owed to the injured party. Correct An agreement was made to assume another party’s liability. 14.ID: 457300810 A client becomes confused after surgery. He is in a room farthest away from the nurses’ station. The client tries to get out of bed several times during the shift. The nurse informs the physician and obtains an order for soft restraints. In addition she moves the client close to the station and assigns a sitter to watch him. Which of the following did the nurse utilize (select all that apply)? Financial decision Autocratic decision Critical thinking Correct Problem solving Correct 15.ID: 457299018 A small critical care unit forms a team of nurses to implement bedside rounds at shift change. The nurses have researched the efficacy of bedside rounds and have determined that this evidence-based practice will lead to improved communication of patient status. Which type of change does this demonstrate? First-order change Correct Organizational change Second-order change Emergent change 16.ID: 457309261 On admission, the patient was found to have a blood glucose level of 218. The RN knows that except in emergency situations, it is hospital policy to obtain physician’s orders before administering any medication. Because the on-call physician did not return the page, the nurse administered insulin according to the common sliding scale. Four hours later, the patient was found nonresponsive in her bed and later died. According to the autopsy, the patient died from heart failure. Her postmortem blood glucose level was 22. Because of the nurse’s actions, the admitting hospital may be found to be: a judicial risk. vicariously liable. Correct an ostensible authority. indemnified. 17 An intravenous infusion center is considering switching intravenous pumps to another vendor. A team of nurses is gathered to examine the benefits and uses and to conduct a cost analysis of various intravenous pumps. After thoroughly reviewing the data and piloting several intravenous pumps, the team and the nurse leader vote to determine which pumps to use. This example depicts which of the following decision styles? Facilitative Correct Delegative Autocratic Consultative 18.ID: 457299020 A medical-surgical unit utilizes a group of nurses and patient care assistants to determine ways to reduce the number of falls in the unit. They conduct Internet research to locate best practice interventions. They create fall risk alerts in the unit, and they implement hourly rounding to assess the need for toileting. After putting these small changes into place, they will evaluate the data to determine effectiveness. This project is an example of: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. Rapid Cycle Change. Correct root cause analysis rapid response teams. 19.ID: 457302350 Why is it important for nursing staff to have insight into the culture of their unit (select all that apply)? To enable nurses to understand staff behaviors Correct To allow time for peers to access the Internet more often So they can understand religious practices To improve staff communication Correct To allow nursing staff insight into expectations and norms Correct 20.ID: 457299022 An experienced nurse has recently taken a position on a telemetry unit in the local hospital. After 2 weeks on the job, he finds that the staffing is not what was discussed during his employment interview with the nurse manager. Which approach would be most appropriate for the nurse to take? Discuss the situation with the nursing manager who interviewed him. Correct Talk to other employees about the staffing situation. Notify the charge nurse that this was not what was explained to him prior to employment. Give 2 weeks’ notice and begin seeking employment at another hospital. 21.ID: 457299024 During periods of stress and change, which of the following strategies should managers use to provide emotional support to staff members (select all that apply)? Reframe difficult questions. Correct Provide active listening. Correct Communicate facts through e-mail. Keep staff informed of decisions. Correct Communicate with participation. Correct Promote action steps and solutions. Correct 22.ID: 457299026 The charge nurse of a small nursing unit would like to gain staff acceptance of a time-intensive, budgetimposed change required by the hospital administration. She plans to emphasize several evidence-based research projects that have shown improved patient health outcomes as a result of implementing this change. This is an example of which of the following organizational change concepts? Resistance Budget-oriented change Transformation Correct Emergent change 23.ID: 457309269 The nurse on a medical unit is discussing a client with the case manager. Which of the following shows how the nurse should communicate with the case manager? Explaining that client confidentiality prevents the nurse from disclosing information Providing the case manager with any information required for continuity of care Correct Discussing personal information that the client shared with the nurse in confidence Asking the case manager to get the client’s permission before sharing information 24.ID: 457299028 Which of the following factors is used to describe the degree to which successful planned change is thought to be better than the status quo? Complexity Relative advantage Correct Compatibility Trialability 25An organization has encountered a serious patient safety event that was reported to the state, The Joint Commission, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). An extensive plan of correction was received, and the organization had to make some immediate changes in practice. Additionally the organization anticipates a costly lawsuit. What is the best method of educating staff about the practice changes that were issued? “We understand this is a knee-jerk reaction, but please change the practice while the surveyors are in the building.” Incorrect “We need to make this change because it will help our lawsuit.” “These changes need to be made because the state and CMS require it.” “This change is being made so that there is no further harm to another patient.” Correct 26.ID: 457300822 Which of the following problem definitions is matched with an accurate example? Problem solving: A nurse ignores a client’s requests to stop his dialysis. Purposeful action: A nurse has been offered an exciting new position with a dramatic increase in salary, but she would have to move out of state, away from her ailing parents. Dilemma: A nurse is scheduled to work over the weekend, and she has a family outing to attend. Incorrect Critical thinking: A nurse is counseling a woman with breast cancer about terminating her pregnancy and receiving chemotherapy or completing the pregnancy and possibly not surviving. Correct 27.ID: 457299032 The nurse manager on a medical-surgical unit wants to change to “walking rounds” in the patients’ rooms for change of shift report. In the past, it has been “face to face” at the nurses’ station. The nurse manager is meeting resistance from the staff, because they think that it will take longer, and the nurses will not finish their shift on time. What could the manager do to increase the nurses’ acceptance of this change? Inform all shifts that there have been some lapses in communication regarding patient needs and that involving the patient in the report will help alleviate this. Inform all nurses that to reach Magnet status, this type of change of shift report is required. Ask the nurses to participate in the planning and implementation of the change. Correct Ask the nurses to t [Show More]

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