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SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, RMIT UNIVERSITY Whirling of shaft s3610448 Ziqi Song 8/27/20181 | P a g e Table of Contents Page Table of Contents -------------------------------------------------------... -----------------------------------------1 1. Learning objectives ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 2. Related Theory------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Materials and Equipment -----------------------------------------------------------------------------4 4. Experimental Method----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 5. Result-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 6. Discussions----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 7. Conclusions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 8. List of References and Bibliography-------------------------------------------------------------- 122 | P a g e 1. Learning Objectives • Using the Dunkerley’s formula to calculate the theoretical approximate values of whirling (critical) speed of a shaft. • Using experimental method to study the critical speed of the shaft with and without an external mass. • Drawing the Whirling of Shafts graph3 | P a g e 2. Related Theory Consider a rotating horizontal shaft with a central mass(m) which has a centre of gravity (G) slightly away from the geometric censored(O) Calculate the theoretical values of the shaft deflection, y at various speeds,ω (below and above the critical whirling speed, ?? ) using the equation, [Show More]

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