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Bus 413: Corporate Finance Summer 2014

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Beedie School of Business Bus 413: Corporate Finance Summer 2014 Professor: Alexander Vedrashko Instructor Info Office Hours Class Time: Enrollment: Textbook: Office: WMC 3311 E-mail: [email protected]. P... hone: 778-782-3471 Tuesday 16:30-17:30 and by appointment. Tuesday, Thursday 14:30-16:20, WMC2202 Please discuss prerequisite and enrollment issues first with an advisor at the Undergraduate Office. Brealey, Myers, Allen, “Principles of Corporate Finance,” 10th ed. Other editions are OK, but it is up to you to find the assigned pages and sections. The course website (lecture notes, etc.) is: Course Objectives and Scope The purpose of this course is to continue the study of corporate financial management and valuation using the material on capital markets in Bus 315 and derivatives in Bus 316. The course is partitioned into five major topics: (1) risk in capital budgeting, (2) market efficiency and corporate financing, (3) payout policy and financial structure, (4) valuation, (5) various topics. APPROXIMATE SCHEDULE OF COURSE TOPICS Concept Risk in Capital Budgeting (Approx. 3 weeks) Market Efficiency and Corporate Financing (Approx. 2 weeks) Payout Policy and Capital Structure (Approx. 4 weeks) Valuation (Approx. 3 weeks) Various Topics (Approx. 1 week) Introduction, NPV rule Risk and Return Risk and Cost of Capital Sensitivity Analysis, Decision Trees and Real Options Efficient Markets Corporate Financing How Corporations Issue Securities Payout Policy Does Debt Policy Matter? Textbook Chapters 1, 2, 4.2-4.5, 5.1-5.3 7, 8.1-8.3 9 10.2-10.4 13 14, 24.1-24.5 15 16 17 Financing Choices, Taxes, Bankruptcy 18 Financing and Valuation 19 Valuation including Real Options Mergers and Acquisitions 22 31, 32 (overview [Show More]

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