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IHUMAN Case Study week 7: women's health case study

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Summary or synopsis of Ms. Campbell’s case Miss Campbell is a 25 year old white female who presented with a 3-day history of painful urination and vaginal discharge. She is a consultant wh... o spends most of her time on the road. She is of medium height (5’5”), 135 lb of weight, and fair skin. Other associated symptoms include vaginal discomfort and increased frequency of urination including having to wake up night to urinate at night several times (nocturia) and reduced amount of urine volume with each bout. She reports no other associated symptoms and does not recall any significant events surrounding the development of the pain and discharge. The only similar condition in her past is a yeast infection in her genitals. HPI  Chief complaint: burning sensation (pain) when urinating for 3 days, which does not radiate to other places.  Associated symptoms include vaginal discharge for 3 days, increased frequency of urination urge comes every 1-0 to 20 minutes but she resists due to discomfort , nocturia (wakes up to urinate at night to urinate), and reduced urination.  The vaginal discharge is yellow, creamy, has mucous, and is not really smelly  She has a previous history of yeast infection but has had no of vaginal discharge previously  She has received no previous treatment for the vaginal discharge and discomfort  Nothing has improved the pain or discharge  There has been no change in the discharge over time  The discharge does not keep her from sleeping but the frequent urination does  There are no significant events that she can connect with the development of the vaginal discharge and painful urination  She has had no genital swellings or sores and no itching, no vaginal dryness, no history of abnormal vagina bleeding, has not inserted foreign bodies in her genitals,  She has experienced reduced amount of urination during each bout  No pain during intercourse (however, she has not had sex since developing the current complaints) Medical History She has a previous history of bladder infection, which had different sign and symptoms from the ones she is having this time No previous history of a major medical problem or surgical procedures, but she has had teeth fillings No history of hospitalization Her menstrual cycle regular and has no abnormalities No history of pregnancy No known allergies She takes birth control pills She also takes over the counter such as ibuprofen for periods and headaches She reports normal eating habits (she has been eating nothing unusual lately) She has no history of STIs Family History She has a family, with two parents and one sibling She is not married or does not have any children or significant partner He father has had heart problems while her mom has diabetes Her sibling (one sister) is fine Social History She has no history of recreational drugs including alcohol She is a consultant who spends most of her time on the road She likes too party with friends, meet new people, and go out to bars. No history of recent travel No new exercise or activities She does not engage in sports She is sexually active, engages in occasional oral sex, has more than one sexual partner She has previously had a spotting problem after sex None of her partners has had similar symptoms, [Show More]

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