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Wharton Coursera Determining Competitive Position Questions and Answers

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1. Question 1 Which of the following is an example of a narrow competitive scope? Folgers offers instant, specialty, and decaffeinated brands in addition to regular coffee. Barnes and Noble Booksel... lers offers a wide variety of book titles in their stores throughout the United States. Coca-Cola sells a variety of sodas in nearly every country of the world. Sea Dog Brewing Company sells beer exclusively in New England. Correct This firm competes in a narrow geographic market. Question 2 Incorrect 0 / 1 point 2. Question 2 A national grocery store chain with streamlined management and supplier efficiencies advertises the low cost of their products. Which competitive position are they occupying? Differentiation Niche Cost leadership Focused low cost This should not be selected Firms using this strategy generate profits by keeping costs lower than competitors in a narrow market segment. Review competitive positions in the "Generic Competitive Positions, Part 1" video. Question 3 Incorrect 0 / 1 point 3. Question 3 Nike has developed an iconic brand that stands out in the athletic shoes market. What strategy best describes this approach? Niche This should not be selected Firms using this strategy command high prices in a narrow market segment. Review differentiation strategies in the "Generic Competitive Positions, Part 1" video. Cost leadership Differentiation Focused low cost Question 4 Correct 1 / 1 point 4. Question 4 Firms pursuing a niche strategy tend to do which of the following? e Have prices slightly lower than the average within an industry Offer highly differentiated products Correct Highly differentiated products in a narrow market typify a niche strategy. Create brand through advertising Have low overhead costs Question 5 Incorrect 0 / 1 point 5. Question 5 Which of the following most likely indicates the best competitive position in a market? The market position that is identified as the most advantageous This should not be selected Being able to create value in unique ways compared to competitors places a firm at a competitive advantage. However, it isn't enough to identify that position. The firm must also possess the capabilities to establish that position. Review competitive positions in the "Which Position is Best?" video. A market position the firm can defend A market position that allows a firm to pursue an integrated approach A market position where a red ocean strategy can be used Question 6 Correct 1 / 1 point 6. Question 6 Why might a firm choose to occupy a generally unprofitable niche? [Show More]

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