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BIBL 410 Weekly Study Questions 8 Liberty University answers complete solutions Latest 2020/21. Graded A+

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BIBL 410 Weekly Study Questions 8 1. T/F—The rest of Genesis is devoted solely to Joseph. Explain your answer. 2. Describe in detail Jacob’s gift to Joseph and the implications of the gift 3. What... was the basic theme of Joseph’s dreams? 4. What is the irony found in the coat dipped in goat’s blood? 5. List the several views of Joseph’s date of entrance into Egypt—which one is the most compatible with Scripture and why? 6. What were Joseph’s two reasons for refusing Potiphar’s wife? 7. What position did Joseph hold in the royal court 8. What were Joseph’s tests of his brothers intended to do 9. What does this whole story of Joseph tell us about God? 10. Read Genesis 15:13-17. Show how these verses relate to the present study 11. Discuss in detail the number of people who went into Egypt. (options) 12. What evidence is there to indicate Joseph served a native Egyptian king? 13. Explain the controversy over the phrase “the land of Raameses.” 14. What does Jacob’s desire to be buried in Canaan tell us about him? 15. T/F—Jacob adopted Ephraim and Manasseh as his sons. Explain your answer 16. T/F—Reuben received the blessing of the firstborn. Explain your answer. If not, who did? . 17. How is the “blessing” of Jacob to Levi fulfilled? 18. What was the concern of the brothers when Jacob died? 19. How did Joseph respond to his brothers? 20. How does Hebrews 11:22 describe Joseph? 21. After watching the video, discuss one lesson that can be learned from Joseph’s life [Show More]

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