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NR 452 RUA Career Planning-Chamberlain College of Nursing

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Transition into the Professional Nursing Role As we near the final weeks of the final semester at Chamberlain college of nursing, there are various steps that we need to consider as we prepare for g... raduation. For instance, we need to ensure that we obtain our license, seek employment, and transit successfully into the clinical practice. Graduation has a lot of mixed emotions for students especially when transitioning to become a registered nurse (Lubinska-Welch et al., 2016). After graduation, I will seek employment in the state of Arizona. I currently reside in Phoenix. To obtain a registered nurse license in Arizona, there are various processes that I must meet according to the Board of Nursing. Some of the processes that I will be expected to complete include an application form that I will complete online and submit to the licensing board, a criminal history which includes fingerprints, and I will submit various documents such as proof of graduation from an accredited nursing college with a BSN program. If these documents are satisfactory to the Board of Nursing of Arizona, I will be permitted to schedule and take the NCLEX-RN exam. I must pass the exam to be licensed and to be employed as a registered nurse [Show More]

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