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NR 661 Week 1 Assignment Certification Review Study Plan; Chamberlain College of Nursing

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Chamberlain College of Nursing Certification Review Study Plan Assignment Learning Goal (identified from APEA-Pre- Predictor Exam) What do you want to accomplish? Learning Activities How are you goi... ng to accomplish your goal? Timeline When to accomplish your goal? Reflection How will accomplishing your goal improve your certification preparation or make you a better nurse practitioner? To enhance my knowledge of Dermatology Allocate additional time to study dermatology. I need take time to understand various concepts in dermatology, including skin infections and lesions. Increase the frequency of watching webinars regarding dermatology. Through webinars, I will have an access to a vast collection of learning materials. All the learning activities for the goal should be completed by week 8 to ensure proper preparation for the certification assessment. Enhancing my understanding in dermatology will boost my confidence and this will Increases my chances of excelling in the certification examination. Having a better apprehension of the dermatology module will make me a better nurse practitioner because I will be in a position to confidently point out different dermatology conditions that patients may be ailing from. Read a minimum of five dermatology related journal articles. It is important to constantly access peer-reviewed articles that will provide high quality information regarding dermatology. Go for a live certification review course relating to dermatology. Attending the event will boost my level of knowledge of dermatology since I will be having one-on- one interaction with various dermatologists. To better my understanding of Hematology Go to a workshop. Attending the workshop will present me with an opportunity to understand distinct topics including hematology disorders and health promotion. Accomplishing the goal will eliminate a lot of uncertainties regarding hematology. Thus, attaining the goal will enhance clarity and eradicate confusion. Work with a preceptor in a clinical setting. The preceptor will help with identifying my weaknesses. He/s she will also pass on valuable information regarding hematology. Review at least 6 case studies to get a holistic perception of hematology. The learning activities should be completed as early as week 3 to avoid compilation of a lot of unread modules. Activities 2 and 3 should be reviewed on week 5. The learning activities will provide a chance to interact with other people from diverse backgrounds and establish connections that might be helpful in my career path. [Show More]

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