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Test Bank for Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications 7TH Edition (Complete Test Bank)

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1. Examples of informal education include a.attending a workshop on coronary artery disease sponsored by the American Heart Association. b.watching a television show about diabetes. c.learning abou... t food safety techniques in a high school economics course. d.joining a support group to help overcome an eating disorder. ANS: B Watching a television show about diabetes is an example of informal education because it is an experience that occurs through a daily activity. Attending a workshop or joining a support group would be considered nonformal education; a high school course would be considered formal education. DIF:Cognitive Level: ApplyingREFage 6 TOP: Nursing Process: Implementation MSC: Client Needs: Health promotion and maintenance 2. A college student exercises regularly and generally eats a healthy variety of foods, is taking a course in general nutrition, buys locally produced food whenever possible, is an active member of an on-campus faith-based organization, and keeps a journal to help process her emotions. What else could be important for her to include in her life in order to develop her overall wellness? a.Growing some of her own food b.Keeping a food record to help evaluate what she eats c.Eating meals with friends throughout the week d.Meeting with a registered dietitian to review her food choices ANS: C Wellness enhances a persons level of health through development of each of the six dimensions of [Show More]

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