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NUR 265: Exam 3: Outline Pharmacology

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Exam 3 Outline Antimicrobial Therapy General Information A.Impact antibiotic choices: a.Age b.Allergy history c.Kidney/ liver function d.Pregnancy status e.Genetic Characteristics f.Site of I... nfection g.Host defenses B.Types of therapies a. Empiric Therapy: Best choice to KILL an organism based on the common cause; CULTURE PENDING b. Definitive Therapy: POST CULTURE, therapy adjusted based on the identified organism. Penicillin A.Bactericidal Antibiotics: Gram-Positive and Gram- Negative bacteria. B. Indication: Prevention/ treatment of bacterial infections. (ex: pneumonia, intraabdominal infections, sepsis) C.Contradictions: Drug allergy (urticaria, pruritus’, angioedema)  Cross sensitivity 1-4% to cephalosporins. Effects include throat swelling or hives from PCN shouldn’t receive any cephalosporin. Skin testing/ desensitization is necessary. Cephalosporins A.Bactericidal like penicillin B.DOES NOT TREAT FUNGI, VIRUSES, or ENTEROCOCCI C.Cross sensitivity with PCN D.Treats Gram-positive, gram-negative or anaerobic [Show More]

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