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NURSE 6512 Week 9 Case 1: Headaches, Answered, Complete solution

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NURSE 6512 Week 9 Case 1: Headaches For this week’s discussion, I was assigned case #1. In this case, a 20-year-old male complains of experiencing intermittent headaches. The headaches diffuse all... over the head, but the greatest intensity and pressure occurs above the eyes and spreads through the nose, cheekbones, and jaw. For this case, five differential diagnoses and necessary diagnostic testing needed to confirm the diagnosis will be discussed. S. Patient: T.I Sex: Male Age: 20 Race: Caucasian CC: Intermittent headaches HPI: Complaints regarding an intermittent headaches are received from a 20-year old Caucasian man. The headache mainly diffuses over the past 3 weeks. The headache occurs diffusely, but the greatest intensity is felt around the cheekbones, jaw, nose, and above the eyes. Location: head, above eyes, through nose, cheekbones, and jaw Onset: intermittent headaches over the past 3 weeks Character: dull at first and then intensifies to aching/throbbing Associated signs and symptoms: patient has been under a lot of stress the past few weeks with his job and college Timing: headaches occur at different times throughout the day [Show More]

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