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Strayer UniversityHSA 501McDonald Jennifer HSA 501 Week 8 Assignment 2

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Running Head: MANAGING HEALTH 1 Managing Health Care Quality Jennifer McDonald Dr. H. Pavlica HSA 501: Management in Health Care March 7, 2017MANAGING HEALTH 2 The purpose of quality management... in health care is to enhance viability in the way that care is delivered in a healthcare setting as well as implement quality care of patients (Sarkissian, 2017). Professor Avedis Donobedian, an architect in the field of quality in healthcare, has defined it as "... almost anything anyone wishes it to be, although it is, ordinarily, a reflection of values and goals current in the medical care system and in the larger society of which it is a part (Donobedian, 2005)." It stands to reason then that an important goal of quality management in healthcare is to ensure, define and improve patient safety. Quality of care and patient care management are most important and essential for a hospital to increase its value. For most people, ‘quality of care of a hospital’ means proper and dedicated treatment to patients by doctors and other staff, at the right time, in the right way (Burns, Bradley & Weiner, 2012). The purpose of this paper is to write a report for Sunlight Hospital on certain improvements in quality of patient care while considering important measurements of quality of care and main features used to design a successful quality improvement plan for increasing efficiency and value of the hospital. Five Measurements of Quality Care in a Hospital In the process of improving health care quality, measuring the quality of care in a hospital is the most essential step. Quality measurement can help to improve patient care management. Quality measures provide information about how well a hospital offers care for its patients (Burns, et al., 2012). This information can help when comparing Sunlight Hospital with other hospitals. There are various measurements of quality of care used in hospital, which include: 1) structure of the hospital, 2) achievement of strategic goals, 3) time, 4) patient safety, and 5) patient experience (Burns et al., 2012) [Show More]

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