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University Of Texas. GOV 312L /GOV 312L Midterm Exam 1 Review. Latest 2020/21. GRADED A

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1. What is foreign policy? actions undertaken by US federal government direction toward some foreign audience What are the aspects of foreign policy? actions and statements What are its targets? ... it’s targets are private citizens or organizations outside the US What is it designed to influence? designed to influence those targets’ beliefs, capabilities, interests, actions 2. What are the main foreign policy actors within the executive branch? What are the main responsibilities of each foreign policy department within the executive branch? State Department: houses all diplomats and manages processes with other governments Defense Department: manages armed forces; headed by a civilian (vs. a general) Treasury Department: manages the coordination of monetary politics between US & other states; significant domestic responsibilities also CIA DNI: created after 9/11 to centralize coordination of intelligence agencies within US gov 3. What is the national interest? a set of goals designed by the US/Help guide policy, help to define the collective identity of what US I and set scope of potential conflict w/ other states What are the arenas in which the U.S. has important national interests? economic and politics What dimensions help to determine preferences over outcomes? security, economic, ideational (values) In-class Lecture 1: News on Iran, Bush National Security Statement (NSS): 1. What are the main elements of the Iran nuclear deal and how did domestic politics in the U.S. shape this deal? [Show More]

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