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NSG 6020 3P Exam – Questions and Answers Which headache sign does not warrant an immediate investigation? During a migraine, what happens to the cerebral arteries? You are evaluating a 15 year old p... atient for bipolar disorder. His parents tell you that he has severe mood swings, is easily distracted, and constantly corrects his teachers. You would have a high suspicion for bipolar if which symptom was present? Which risk factor is not associated with breast cancer? A 26 year old woman with bulimia is likely to be: What medication is used to relieve acute wheezing in a patient with asthma? You are evaluating an 80 year old patient for recent episodes of incontinence and confusion. His family states that this is unusual for him and he has become increasingly forgetful over the past two weeks. Which medication might be responsible for this? What suggests hyperandrogenism in an adolescent female? Which is a synovial joint? A 67 year old woman with atrial fibrillation and an ejection fraction of 48% is on digoxin and has had normal digoxin levels of 0.8- 2 ng/dL for the past 9 months. Today, the level is 0.4 ng/dL. What could account for this change? Which medication is contraindicated in a child with acute sinusitis? Which best describes the lower extremity calf pain associated with peripheral artery disease? Jugular venous distention accompanied by chest pain is associated with: Which immunization protects against a virus that is transmitted through blood and body fluids and can lead to chronic liver disease? A PEDIATRIC PATIENT HAS AREAS OF SCALING ON THE SCALP WITH ROUND PATCHES OF HAIR LOSS. WHAT IS THE LIKELY DIAGNOSIS? Your 70 year old patient complains of a sore mouth that prevents her from eating. On exam you note a beefy red, glossy smooth tongue. What do you suspect? A 62 year old male presents with leg pain and occasional numbness that is worse with ambulation and improved with lumbar flexion. What is the likely diagnosis? Which is not a typical symptom of late stage HIV? A pregnant patient presents for her 16 week prenatal visit. Her blood pressure had reduced from 118/79 to 109/68. What hemodynamic change is responsible for this? Your 62 year old patient has been taking Griseofulvin 500 mg po BID for 3 weeks to treat tinea capitis and has only had marginal improvement. What is your next step? Rapid HIV testing would be most appropriate for a patient with complaints of: What is a frequent side effect of SSRIs? You might suspect small bowel obstruction in a patient who complains of: What finding would be suggestive of osteosarcoma in a pediatric patient? What-clinical manifestation suggests primary syphilis? What medication is use first line for a patient with benign positional vertigo? Which symptom is most associated with testicular torsion? A clinical breast exam should include palpation at the tail of Spence. Where is this located? WHICH AREA DOES NOT DRAIN TO THE RIGHT LYMPH DUCT? Which presentation is most suspicious for penile cancer? What is important to consider before prescribing metronidazole for giardiasis? In which condition would the use of triptans for migraine headaches be contraindicated? Which is a true statement about varicose veins? When measuring the fundal height of a pregnant woman at 32 weeks, which measurement would prompt the nurse practitioner to suspect fetal growth restriction? What is the term for excess fluid that accumulates in the pleural cavity between the visceral and parietal spaces? Which pathogen is associate with common UTIs? Which-medication inhibits blood coagulation by selectively blocking the active site of factor X-a? Which is a contraindication for menopausal estrogen replacement therapy in a 55 year old woman? During abdominal exam, which sound over the bulging area of the abdomen would indicate ascitic fluid? What is a typical finding in a patient with a meniscal tear? What is the most common presenting symptom of a woman with trichomoniasis? What-is the single dose treatment for chlamydia? What is the mechanism of action of prostaglandin E1 in a patient with transposition of the great arteries? How do 5-alpha reductase inhibitors work to reduce the symptoms of BPH? WHICH CONDITION IS BEST TREAT BY USING ALPHA ADRENERGIC ANTAGONISTS? What should not be prescribe for migraine prophylaxis in a 42 year old woman? How would a 60 year old man typically describe prostate pain? What is the most common characteristic among patients with migraine headache? Which patient would be at highest risk for contracting TB? Which is not a location of pain associated with kidney and ureter disorders? Which-medication is appropriate for a woman with bladder sphincter dysfunction and stress incontinence? Which condition is associate with chronic, bloody diarrhea? Which medication is indicate for patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)? At what point in pregnancy should Rh negative women receive Rhogam (Rho D immune globulin)? Which is common among patients with psoriasis? What historical finding may predispose a patient to testicular cancer? What would you advise for a patient taking an oral glucocorticoid? A child with enuresis should be treat with nasal desmopressin (DDAVP) for which symptom? Which medication is not contraindicate in a patient with sulfa allergy? What is likely to be elevate in a woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome? Which medication should not be prescribe during an acute gout flare? A HISPANIC WOMAN AT 26 WEEKS OF PREGNANCY TELLS YOU THAT SHE HAS BEEN EATING ICE. WHAT SHOULD THE NP DO? A 40 year old female patient has breasts with a soft texture, but uneven contour bilaterally. What is the most likely diagnosis? What test of renal function is the best measure of renal insufficiency? You are seeing a 63 year old male who has decreased chest expansion, symmetric thorax with moderate kyphosis, and bilateral diaphragm distention of 2 cm. What is the most likely diagnosis? Which cranial nerves are assess when assessing bilateral eye movement? What pathological finding is note in asthma? Which type of incontinence is most likely in a patient with Alzheimer’s disease who cannot reach the toilet in time? Using GTPAL nomenclature, how would you document a patient currently pregnant with a history of an uncomplicated term vaginal delivery, preterm delivery of liveborn twins, and an 8 week elective abortion? The right lymphatic ducts drain into what part of the circulatory system? What is the most likely presenting symptom in a pediatric patient with croup? Which medication targets postprandial glucose by blocking its transport across the intestine into the bloodstream? Which type of insulin will help to reduce nocturnal hypoglycemia? What symptoms in a college student living in a dorm would be suspicious for atypical community acquired pneumonia? How would you describe the lesions of condylomaaccuminata in a male patient? [Show More]

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