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Visual Communication - Unit 3 Milestone 3. ALL ANSWERS 100% CORRECT AID GRADE A+

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Which of the following is NOT related to web design? CONCEPT Web Design 2 Which of the following describes a well-run critique? RATIONALE A well-run critique can be described as interactive and ... collaborative when a variety of participants actively provide feedback. CONCEPT The Critique 3 Information that is manipulated to make it appear more positive, or to persuade consumers to accept a point of view, is known as .•corporate branding • spin • propaganda • crisis management • The copy editor submitting changes to the headlines for final approval • The client approving the creative brief and giving the project a green light • A print facility inserting the ad in the layout for their next issue run • CONCEPT Public Relations 4 A visual design that sends symbolic messages and promotes cultural stereotypes is a form of . CONCEPT Propaganda 5 Which scenario is part of the production step in a project to create a magazine print ad for a dog walking service? RATIONALE [Show More]

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