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Abnormal Behaviour and Mental Health PYC3702 TEST BANK

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Outcomes When you have completed this module, you should:  understand the complexity of abnormal behaviour and mental health;  be able to distinguish between normal and abnormal behaviour; �... �� be able to identify abnormal behaviour in various multicultural contexts. You should become sensitive to the influence of cultural factors on the incidence, manifestation and type of abnormal behaviour in various multicultural contexts;  be able to classify abnormal behaviour according to the DSM-5 classification system. You should be able to analyse information in a scientific fashion and come to conclusions based on your theoretical knowledge of the DSM-5;  be able to explain abnormal behaviour according to different perspectives. You should realise that each of the different perspectives on abnormal behaviour has unique possibilities but also limitations. It would be unrealistic to expect a single theory to cover all psychological phenomena or to have satisfactory answers to all psychological problems. Knowledge of the different theoretical explanations of abnormal behaviour provides you with insight into the complex domain of abnormal behaviour;  be sensitive and be able to show understanding for and empathy with the suffering of people displaying abnormal behaviour;  have knowledge of professional and other support services in your community to which you can refer people with abnormal behaviour;  be able to refer people who display abnormal behaviour for professional treatment and support in an effective and appropriate manner;  be able to promote mental health in your community. You should be sensitive to factors that both threaten and promote mental health. We will expect you to plan and design primary and tertiary prevention programmes for promoting mental health at various levels. [Show More]

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