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Psychology 101:01 Spring 2021 Final Exam Practice Questions – Complete (with answers) 2021

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In a study of the _____, participants who were aware that essay writers were told what position to take regarding Fidel Castro made _____ attributions. a. actor-observer effect; situational b. fund... amental attribution error; situational c. actor-observer effect; dispositional d. fundamental attribution error; dispositional 2. In Festinger’s study, participants who were paid _____ to lie to the next group of participants about their enjoyment of the task were most likely to change their attitudes – they then believed that the task was fun. a. $20 b. $50 c. $1 d. $5 3. In the previous question, the participants changed their attitudes due to: a. insufficient justification for their behavior b. sufficient justification for their behavior c. effort justification d. pressures to conform 4. For a classroom demonstration, a third-grade teacher separated her class into brown-eyed and blue-eyed students. The students started to form positive feelings toward the others with the same eye color, demonstrating: a. the fundamental attribution error b. in-group bias c. the just-world hypothesis d. realistic conflict theory 5. Fraternity pledges who are subjected difficult hazing practices are more committed to their fraternities than pledges who undergo mild initiation rituals due to: a. the fundamental attribution error b. self-serving attributions c. cognitive dissonance d. group polarization 6. When other shoppers leave their shopping carts next to their cars rather than putting them in the designated spot, Spencer thinks the other shoppers are selfish and lazy. When Spencer leaves his shopping cart next to his car rather than putting it in the designated spot, he knows that he is in a huge hurry to get to work. This reflects the: a. self-serving attribution b. cognitive dissonance effect c. fundamental attribution error d. actor-observer effect [Show More]

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