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EDR 610 Quiz 2 - Question with Answers,100% CORRECT

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Which of the following reflects the general purpose of a literature review? 2. A review of related literature will typically enable the investigator to do all of the following EXCEPT 3. Which is... NOT a recommended step in conducting a literature review? 4. Which of the following is analogous to reading a review of a movie you might be interested in seeing? 5. A researcher wants to do a literature review on teaching reading to adults using the language experience approach. His first step is to read a review of related research. A good secondary source would be 6. Which of the following is likely to contain primary sources of literature? 7. Why is a primary source more valuable to a researcher than a secondary source? 8. Which index should be used to locate a research journal article on effective methods of teaching science? 9. The Thesaurus of ERIC Descriptors provides 10. Which of the following strategies would result in the broadest literature search? 11. Which of the following indexes provides a listing and access to the clearinghouses that index research in progress? 12. A student is doing a term paper on self-directed learning that will include a discussion of the theory, its use in adult education programs, the method, the efficacy of self-directed learning, and so on. In order to do an exhaustive search, the student will have many different descriptors and combinations of these. Which is the most efficient search method for this student? 13. The literature review in a quantitative study usually does NOT 14. A review of the literature in a qualitative study is 15. When reviewing studies related to the research problem, the researcher should do all of the following EXCEPT 16. Which of the following is NOT a criterion for evaluating a literature review? 17. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer are commonly used internet 18. The major concern with using the internet for research focuses on the 19. Which of the following offers the LEAST control of the quality of information? 20. With which service are you likely to find a host of information indirectly related to the topic you are examining? 21. Which of the following offers the LEAST control over search language? 22. Which of the following is a commercial site? 23. A major difference in the search process using online sources rather than print sources is the 24. Which of the following is analogous to the card catalog number on a book in your university's library? 25. Which of the following search tools examines web sites, reviews them, and categorizes each using common standards? 26. An advantage of using a search engine over a subject directory when searching the web is the 27. The major drawback to using a metasearch engine is the 28. Which search tool would you use to identify websites addressing K-12 math standards? 29. Which search tool would you use to find the URL for the University of New Orleans Teacher Explorer Center? 30. Which search tool would you use if trying to find websites on evaluating website material? 31. A news group is similar to a listserv in which of the following ways? 32. Which of the following would you consult if you were interested in examining a list of electronic copies of educational research currently available? 33. There is a need to use online tutorials on searching the internet because 34. Which of the following is the correct format for citing Internet resources in references? 35. Why is it important to evaluate information from the internet? [Show More]

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