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EDR 610 Quiz 6 - Question with Answers,100% CORRECT

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A qualitative researcher would believe 2. Which of the following is true of qualitative research? 3. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the emergent research design? It is 4. Which qualita... tive research design describes and interprets the experiences of participants to understand their perspectives? 5. Which qualitative research design generates a conceptual understanding of a phenomena? 6. A characteristic of a foreshadowed problem in an ethnography is that it 7. In which qualitative research design are you likely to find multiple data collection methods? 8. A researcher is studying the effects of a health education program that was implemented in several sites in two large urban areas. For her sample, she selects sites which are not in any way intensely unusual. Which purposeful sampling procedure did she use? 9. In qualitative educational research, the investigator may become involved in a few of the activities of the group being studied. In this role she is a 10. Qualitative researchers describe everything they see, hear, and experience in great detail. 11. Sometimes a researcher will gain more information about a group by holding semi-formal discussions with several group members. This technique is called 12. The goal of data analysis in qualitative research is to 13. The purpose of qualitative data analysis is to 14. Qualitative researchers will often confirm the consistency of a trend or pattern by using more than one data source. This technique is called 15. The reliability of qualitative research can be enhanced by having 16. Credibility in qualitative research is BEST defined as the extent to which 17. Which of the following is NOT a criteria for evaluating qualitative research? 18. Which of the following is a disadvantage specific to a mixed methods design? 19. Which method(s) dominates mixed method research designs? 20. Which of the following is an advantage of a mixed method design? 21. Which type of mixed method design would collect quantitative data to identify specific participants to interview? 22. Which mixed method design would provide an in-depth analysis of a specific math program being piloted in an elementary school? 23. A researcher interviewed college students to understand their motivations and choices of service involvement. The researcher then developed an instrument for measuring learning outcomes related to themes identified in the interviews. This is an example of which type of mixed methods design? 24. Which of the following is important in planning a mixed method study? 25. A well designed and conducted mixed method study is characterized by 26. When should mixed methods designs be used? 27. What is the purpose of a notation system in mixed methods research design? 28. Which of the following is true about mixed methods sampling? 29. Which of the following is NOT a criterion used to judge selection of a research topic or problem in an action research study? 30. Which of the following is NOT true about action research design? 31. Which of the following is true about the collection of data in an action research study? 32. Which of the following is true about a literature review in published reports of an action research study? 33. Which of the following is a criterion for evaluating action research? 34. The purpose of the "Discussion" section of a research report is to 35. Which part of the "Discussion" section would contain the researcher's feeling about what needs to be studied in the future? 36. A researcher spent several paragraphs in his report explaining the reasons why the data collection process became so complicated. He also discussed how he felt this affected the way in which he viewed the results. You are likely to find this information in which part of the "Discussion" section? 37. Which of the following statements is TRUE? 38. When a researcher discusses the operational definitions of several variables and the implications for her understanding of the results, she is 39. A teacher in a small rural town found that some of her fifth graders were having problems with fractions. At the University library, she was able to locate some research articles that described techniques that had been successfully used with large groups of fifth graders in urban schools. The teacher implemented these techniques in her classroom, but with very little success. This failure could be attributable to 40. The conclusion of a study may be limited by all of the following EXCEPT 41. A sailing camp director has read an article on a program that has been quite successful in producing world class sailors. As impressive as the results are, he feels compelled to focus on teaching his students to enjoy the sport for itself, not for competition with other sailors. His concern reflects a concern for 42. Which of the following is a criteria for evaluating the "Discussion" section of a research report? [Show More]

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