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vSim Maternity Scenario Clara Guidry Room 301 | Already Graded A

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Clara Guidry Room 301 Clara Guidry, Patient is a 34 y/o G5P4 who gave birth to a 9lb. 3 oz male infant following a 12-hour elective oxytocin induction of labor. She had an uncomplicated labor, epidura... l anesthesia and a rapid second stage, no episiotomy or perineal lacerations. Indwelling urinary catheter was removed prior to delivery. She is now one hour postpartum and is breastfeeding her baby. An IV of 1000 mL Lactated Ringers is infusing at KVO rate with an infusion of Lactated Ringers with oxytocin 20 Units infusing IVPB at 125 mL/hour. Upon entering her room, she tells you that she “feels wet”, and may have urinated on herself since she is still numb from the epidural and unable to move legs. Your assessment reveals blood pooling under buttocks onto the underpads with numerous large clots. She is anxious, appears pale, and complains of feeling light-headed. Her husband is at her bedside. [Show More]

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