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Sophia Human Biology Unit 3 Challenge 1

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Which type of neurons are found primarily in the spinal cord and brain?  a.)Motor neuron  b.)Interneuron  c.)All three  d.)Sensory neuron Which part of the neuron transmits signals t... o other neurons, glands or muscle cells?  a.)Trigger zone  b.)Dendrites  c.)Axon endings  d.)Cell body Which type of neuron directs gland and muscle cells to carry out a response?  a.)Sensory neuron  b.)Motor neuron  c.)Interneuron  d.)All three Which is the correct sequence of the flow of nerve impulses in a neuron?  a.)Nucleus → Cell body → Dendrite  b.)Axon → Cell body → Dendrite  c.)Dendrite → Axon → Axon terminal  d.)Dendrite → Axon terminal → Axon Ions of which two elements produce an electrical charge across the membrane of a neuron to cause a nerve impulse?  a.)Hydrogen and Potassium This study source was downloaded by 100000830772748 from on 10-15-2021 09:36:16 GMT -05:00 This study resource was shared via  b.)Sodium and Calcium  c.)Sodium and Potassium  d.)Potassium and Carbon [Show More]

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