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Essentials Of Sociology 8th Edition By Weitz White – Test Bank 2021

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1. When driving, we stop at a red light, whether or not a policeman is present. This is a form of: a. internalized social control. c. externalization. b. formal social control. d. anticipatory socia... lization. ANS: A REF: 127 OBJ: 6.1 2. According to your text, effective social control is dependent primarily on: a. self control and informal social controls. c. formal social controls. b. self control and formal social controls. d. self control. ANS: A REF: 127 OBJ: 6.1 3. Internalization occurs when: a. a person exercises self-restraint because of fear of what others will think. b. sanctions such as fines, expulsion, and imprisonment are used to enforce conformity. c. illegal acts are avoided because of fear of getting caught. d. we don’t even think of violating the norms and values of our group because conformity is a part of our self-concept. ANS: D REF: 127 OBJ: 6.1 4. Alan, a 14-year-old boy, finds himself in a situation where he can steal a digital watch from K Mart. He decides against the theft because he fears what others would think of him if they found out. In this situation, Alan conforms to society’s values because of: a. formal social controls. c. aversive social controls. b. informal social controls. d. internalization. [Show More]

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