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NR 449 Analyzing Published Research ;EVIDENCED BASED RUA 2 | GRADED A.

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Analyzing Published Research Chamberlain College of Nursing Evidence-Based Practice NR449 PROBLEM The focus of the group’s project is to show the correlation between nurse’s stre... ss level and the effects on advanced technology on it. The problem described in the research paper by St. Pierre, Alderson& Saint-Jean (2012), To develop and test standardized primary health assessment instrument (SPHAI) that can be used to assess the health problems and care needs of hospitalized clients at the primary level. The focus of the project is to evaluated the use of advanced technology and the correlation to nurses’ stress level. In this article lists were made to show stressor of the hospital nurses. At the adult intensive unit in Korea the nurses listed many common stressors such as staffing shortages, high stress environment, heavy workload, lack of recognition, and demands of technology. The researchers were trying to develop a plan of action to reduce the demands and health of these important nurses. St. Pierre, Alderson, & Saint-Jean (2012) tried to identify and describe the method ICU nurses used to adapt to stressful situations at work. The main objective is to study the adaptions of nurses in a high stress positions. Nurses have reported more engenders signs and symptoms of both a physical (e.g., headache, skin rash, gastrointestinal disorder, weight fluctuation) and psychological (e.g., loss of morale, burnout) nature in hospital environments (St. Pierre, etc.,2012). There was a strong correlation between the high stress in the ICU and high incidences of physical and psychological illness which leads to low productivity in these units. There were 316 nursing staff in hospitals in Korea that participated in the Exploratory study. 25 panelist that were involved in three rounds of Delphi surveys. Validity index was 0.8 and over. The second research article was performed by Apeksha and Madadeo, assessed the occupational stress and job satisfaction among nurses in Karad working at selected tertiary care (2014). 100 nurses working at Krishna hospital in Karad were surveyed with questionnaires. The convenient sampling was disbursed among nurses working at the hospital. Out of 265 nurses employed by the hospital 100 nurses participated in the surveys. Out of the 100 nurses that filled out the surveys 86% were females, 88% were staff nurses, and 54% were between the ages 21-30. The formula used for sampling was N=4pd/L2 =4*70*30/102= 84, (N=calculate sample size= average stat factor in %, Q= % of nurses not satisfied=expected error in %,) In present study 100 sample were included (Apeksha & Madadeo, 2014). DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS: SUMMARY The purpose of this research related to my PICOT question is that in the questionnaire many nurses reported that part of the stress is the increased use of technology which they are not fully trained to use. Both articles show that the nurses that were surveyed were introduced to the advancement of technology health assessment in hope to improving documentation and to improving evidenced base guidelines. While using this technology, which is needed in this evolving world, training for this equipment has not be adequate for the nurses using it. The nurse’s stress level was increased with the equipment which increased the amounts of mental and physical illnesses reported. The study done by St. Pierre (2012), The researcher was looking for ways to improve the mental and physical health of nurses. The validity of the Quantitative research was 0.8 which lasted almost 40 years. With the descriptive research done by Apeksha and Madadeo (2014), the validity index is 0.6. Both these research articles proven that advancing technology add more stress to nurses in these circumstances due to not accurate preparedness. DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS: DESCRIPTION The concept used Apeksha & Madadeo (2014) research was to assess between stress and selected demographics variables among nurses in hospitals in Karad city. This researcher used exploratory design to exam the correlation between job satisfaction and nurses’ stress. The descriptive research was adapted. Out of the 265 nurses in the hospital the sample group was 100 actively working nurses in the hospital. This convenient sampling of 100 nurses were those willing to participate in the study. The study was 3 different sections in self-answering questionnaire disturbed throughout the nursing staff. Section one was demographic Performa, next section 2 was modified expanded nurse’s stress scale, and the third section was modified Minnesota satisfaction questionnaires. The research was exploratory and opened for other suggestions for another researcher to build off this paper. I would want to follow up the research with the suggestion that proper education with this equipment would increase the nurse’s knowledge and confidence using the advanced machinery thus lowering stress levels. Next opening the result of the intervention, “How long before the nurse’s saw/felt the reduction in their occupational stress?”. To farther build on that I would be interested in investigating if the number of mental or physical illness reported by nurses were greatly reduced after the technology was properly introduced. DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS: CONCLUSION In conclusion, Apeksha and coresearchers revealed that assessing satisfaction and stress is not a onetime thing but continuous action (2012). Stress is an experienced when demands made on the nurses outweighs the resources. Stress can cost healthcare workers their health and wellbeing. One solution to the advancing technology dilemma is for educators to do a better job preparing nurses to the equipment them with strong knowledge and skill base to improve their confidence before they are on their own. This will reduce the stress of the nurses that are being exposed to newer technology. St. Pierre (2014), found that clear cut evidence of the risk to mental health of the nurses and the quality of care (St. Pierre, etc.,2014). ICU nurses need technology to organize important information that is vital to quality of care of the patients. This research opened the venue for farther research on patient care. As Collière (2001) says, “We must reinvent care so that is invigorating, adapted to life, dis alienating, and gives back meaning to the life both of those who receive it and who give it.”. References Houser,J.(2015).NursingResearch:Reading,UsingandCreatingEvidence,3rdEdition. [BookshelfOnline].Retrievedfromhttps://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/978128405570 2/ Williams, K. (2014) An Exploratory Study: Reducing Nursing Stress Levels Facilitate Perceived Quality of Patient Care. Open Journal of Nursing, 4, 512-519. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2014.47054 Creswell, J. W. (2012, May 02). Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching. Retrieved January 16, 2017, from https://cirt.gcu.edu/research/developmentresources/tutorials/researchdesigns St-Pierre L, Alderson M, Saint-Jean M (2012) Challenges and Issues in Adult Intensive Care Nursing. J Nursing Care 1:101. doi:10.4172/2167-1168.10001 Apeksha, & Mahadeo. (2014, April). Occupational stress and job satisfaction among nurses. Retrieved January 29, 2017, from https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mahadeo_Shinde4/publication/265784831_Occup ational_Stress_and_Job_Satisfaction_among_Nurses/links/5422da540cf290c9e3adc69c. pdf Collière MF (2001) Soigner… Le premier art de la vie. Second edition. Paris: Masson. [Show More]

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