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TEST BANK Primary Professional Military Education BLOCK 2,3,4,5 & 6 (Complete Questions and Solutions 2021)

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Q1: Drill instills discipline and fosters what kind of habits? A: Precision and automatic response Q2: Traditionally, awards are handed out in what manner? A: From most junior to senior Q3: Which ... of the following is NOT a reason to conduct a personnel inspection? A: To use as a tool to punish your Sailors Q4: As a leader, you will organize your Sailors into formation for which one of the following occasions? A: Awards ceremony Q5: During the Revolutionary War, ______________ developed a set of standardized drills for General George Washington and the Continental Army. A: Baron von Steuben Q6:Which event would NOT require the Commanding Officer to order the ship to man the rails? A: Leaving the shipyards after 120 days Q7:Who is known as the “Drillmaster of the American Revolution”? A: Baron von Steuben Q8:What type of command is the first word in “Parade Rest”? A: Preparatory Q9: At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, ______________ was the leaders' primary tool to achieve discipline in ranks. A: fear Q10: What do you call the extreme right or left of an element? A: Flank Q11: As a leader, you can only command Sailors to the position of parade rest, from what position? A: Attention Q12: Sailors are in a _____________, when placed in formation one behind the other? A: File Q13: Which of the following events would not require you, as a leader, to hold military quarters? A: Refueling evolution Q14: What is the distance between ranks? A: 40 Q15: A/an__________ can be a single person or a section of a larger formation. A: Element Q16: When giving a command, what do you call the rise and fall of the pitch in your voice? A: Inflection Q17: What order allows room for the inspecting party to step between ranks to conduct an inspection of the sailors? A: OPEN RANKS Q18: As a leader, which situation would cause you to expect a personnel inspection of your Sailors? A: Prior to the seasonal uniform change Q19: Which of the following is NOT one of the principles behind an awards system? A: Every Sailor should get an award after a command evolution for the sake of equity and good morale [Show More]

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