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POLI 330N Final Exam Set 2 – Question and Answers (2019) Latest Guide. Already Graded A.

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POLI 330N Final Exam 2- Question and Answers 2019 Question 1 5 / 5 pts (TCO 1) Which of the following would be considered a totalitarian political system? Capitalism Fascism ... Anarchism Communism Socialism IncorrectQuestion 2 5 / 5 pts (TCO 1) Which form totalitarian system currently features a hybrid known as "state capitalism"? Iraq Iran Soviet Union North Korea China  REFERENCES p154 Question 3 5 / 5 pts (TCO 1) What government agency promotes and preserves media competition in the United States? Federal Communication Commission Department of Commerce Federal Bureau of Inventions Federal Television Commission Justice Department  IncorrectQuestion 4 5 / 5 pts (TCO 1) What is the most popular form of media worldwide today? Internet Radio Newspapers Television Magazines REFERENCES p306 IncorrectQuestion 5 5 / 5 pts (TCO 1) Which term is used to describe the ability to get others to want what you want? Political power Authority Hard power Soft power Legitimacy REFERENCES pp4-5 IncorrectQuestion 6 5/ 5 pts (TCO 1) In the changing world of television media, what has suffered most? Freedom to criticize the government The entertainment value of news shows The range of dramatic television shows The quality of in-depth news and analysis The state of tabloid journalism   REFERENCES p308 IncorrectQuestion 7 5 / 5 pts (TCO 5) Who serves as Britain’s Head of State? The Prime Minister The President The Queen The House of Lords The House of Commons REFERENCES p161 Question 8 5 / 5 pts (TCO 5) To join the European Union, what must a country prove? That it is financially solvent That it disavows terrorism That it will contribute to a common defense That it rejects communism That it supports free elections  Question 9 5 / 5 pts (TCO 5) What is the main difference between the U.S. and U.K. judicial systems? The power of U.S. judges to uphold or strike down legislative or executive actions The power of British judges to uphold or strike down Parliament's decisions The role of British judges to safeguard civil liberties The focus in the U.S. on a common law system None of these choices is correct. Question 10 5 / 5 pts (TCO 2) Least developed countries have all of the following problems in common EXCEPT illiteracy. political instability. ethnic conflict. anarchy. inequality.  Question 11 5 / 5 pts (TCO 2) What is the most basic -- but often most challenging -- aspect of nation-building? Expanding agricultural output Ending illiteracy Forming a common or group identity Ending internal rebellions and upheavals Establishing a democracy Question 12 5 / 5 pts (TCO 3) What did eighteenth-century British writer and legislator Edmund Burke believe? That elected officials should act as trustees for their constituents That while representatives must pay careful attention to public opinion, they must also maintain their independence of thought and action That a natural aristocracy, made up of the best and brightest, should govern That the trustee theory of representation worked All of the above   Question 13 5 / 5 pts (TCO 3) What is the most important tool for interest groups seeking to change or influence public policy? An educated public A large membership A strong sense of how the political process works Money An elected official as an advocate Question 14 5 / 5 pts (TCO 3) What event ended -- albeit briefly -- the long-term trend of political apathy in the U.S.? The 2008-2009 recession The terrorist attacks of 9/11 The war in Iraq The invasion of Afghanistan The 2012 reelection of Barack Obama Question 15 5 / 5 pts (TCO 3) A good leader should have all of the following traits EXCEPT an emphasis on the public good. common sense. the ability to delegate. lust for power and a willingness to use it to remove all obstacles or challengers. the ability to face the historical circumstances of the times. Question 16 5 / 5 pts (TCO 3) What is a major criticism of the winner-take-all electoral system? It emphasizes political parties at the expense of individual candidates. It limits voter choice and makes it impossible for minor parties to compete in elections. It causes a pronounced tendency toward party decentralization. It makes forming a national consensus more difficult. It encourages the emergence of single-issue splinter parties. Question 17 5 / 5 pts (TCO 4) What protects citizens in the U.S. against the abuse of police power? The First Amendment The Second Amendment The Fifth Amendment The Fourth Amendment The Sixth Amendment   Question 18 5 / 5 pts (TCO 6) Which of the following is false? Marx saw economics as the key to utopia. Plato saw philosophy as the key to utopia. Orwell saw politics as the key to utopia. Bacon saw science as the key to utopia. Skinner saw psychology as the key to utopia. Question 19 5 / 5 pts (TCO 6) What did Marx believe would happen once private property was eliminated? Proletariat upheaval The beginning of revolution in the form of armed conflict The emergence of a technologically-driven society The end of social inequality New models for human behavior IncorrectQuestion 20 0 / 5 pts (TCO 9) What is a characteristic of most terrorist groups? They exist for long periods of time. They have large membership bases. They operate locally. They receive a great deal of publicity. They are ethnically and politically diverse. REFERENCES p506 IncorrectQuestion 21 0 / 5 pts (TCO 9) By definition, terrorism includes all of the following attributes EXCEPT the use of threats and violence. a desire for publicity. a political motive. a goal of shoring up existing regimes. intimidation aimed at civilians. REFERENCES p498 IncorrectQuestion 22 0 / 5 pts (TCO 9) What concerns have critics raised about the just war doctrine? It denounces moral relativism. It contradicts international capitalist theory. It embodies an ethnocentric bias. It prevents long-term peace from developing. It opposes nationalistic ideals. REFERENCES p480 Question 23 5 / 5 pts (TCO 9) Who are the most common victims of terrorism? Political leaders Innocent civilians Journalists Diplomats Members of the military or security services   Question 24 5 / 5 pts (TCO 9) What form of government is most vulnerable to terrorism? Totalitarianism Theocracy Authoritarian Monarchy Democracy Question 25 5 / 5 pts (TCO 8) Who argued that “a prudent ruler recognizes what must be done to protect and enlarge his dominions and does not allow moral qualms to cloud his judgment?” Rousseau Morganthau Aristotle Machiavelli Robert Kaplan Question 26 5 / 5 pts (TCO 9) What tool does the U. S. government use to broaden the definition of who is a terrorist and grant broad powers to the Attorney General? USA Patriot Act United Nations NATO Coalition Kyoto Accords Department of Homeland Security   Question 27 5 / 5 pts (TCO 9) What did Rousseau believe was the cause of war? Religion and intolerance Society and private property Psychology and survival instincts Nationalism and hatred Moral relativism Question 28 Not yet graded / 20 pts (TCO 2) Develop a thesis on why it is hard for emerging nations to democratize. Your Answer: Question 29 Not yet graded / 20 pts (TCO 7) Describe what economic factors distinguish a conservative, liberal, and socialist in the United States. [Show More]

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