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Patient history; 63 year old male, admitted to Med Surg complaining of abdominal pain. It has not yet been determined whether the patient will be having a surgical intervention. The patient complain... s of 5/10 abdominal pain, pain upon urination, and a persistant headache. The patient reports an allergy to shellfish, denies medication allergy. Patient is A/O x 4, cooperative. Weight = 206 lbs. The patients IV is a 18 gauge, secured in his left hand, site without signs/symptoms of infiltration. The macrodrop tubing set delivers 15 gtt/mL. VS; BP 168/92, HR 108, RR 16, Temp 101.6, 02 sat on R/A 97%. Please answer questions 1 – 8 based on this scenario. [Show More]

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