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Burns-Pediatric-Primary-Care-7th-Edition-Test-Bank11-yflayj chapters 1 to 46 questions with correct answers for best grades

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urns' Pediatric Primary Care 7th Edition Test Bank Chapter 1: Health Status of Children: Global and National Perspectives 1. Which region globally has the highest infant mortality rate? 2. Th... e primary care pediatric nurse practitioner understands that, to achieve the greatest worldwide reduction in child mortality from pneumonia and diarrhea, which intervention is most effective? 3. Which is true about the health status of children in the United States? . 13348413856 4. The primary care pediatric nurse practitioner understands that a major child health outcome associated with worldwide climate change is 5. When providing well child care for an infant in the first year of life, the primary care pediatric nurse practitioner is adhering to the most recent American Academy of PediatricsRecommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care guidelines by Chapter 2. Unique Issues in Pediatrics 1. A nurse is explaining the therapeutic milieu to a new nurse. The best explanation of this term would be: 1. The place where the child is receiving care. 2. Group therapy. 3. Personal interactions between patients and staff. 4. All of the above are correct. 2. A 16-year-old male has received a pink-slip from the police for inpatient psychiatric treatment. The teen has been expressing thoughts of hanging himself because Life sucks. The nursing staff should consider placing the child: 3. Learning disabilities in children have scientifically been linked to: 1. Poor nutrition. 2. The environment in which the child lives. 3. Genetics. 4. Watching more than four hours of television a day. 4. A mental health nurse has assessed a child and determined that the child exhibits behavioral challenges. When the school nurse explains this to a teacher, the best description would be: . 1. The child may exhibit physical outbursts. 2. The child may exhibit violence toward others. 3. The child may be defiant or have tantrums. 4. The child will need special interventions for learning. 5. A child that has not exhibited enuresis in four years has exhibited this behavior pattern for the last week. The reason a child may revert back to this behavior pattern is because of: 1. Hallucinations. 2. Behavioral challenges. 3. Delusions. 4. Stress. 6. An 18-year-old male has called the crisis line for help. The crisis nurse recognizes the intervention needs may consist of all of the following except: 1. Discussing the individuals everyday activities. 2. Recognizing that the patient may be in a catharsis state. 3. Expressing empathy toward the caller. 4. Avoiding entropy. 7. An 8-year-old boy with a history of hallucinations and violent behavior has been place in a seclusion room at the hospital because he has been hurting others. The nurse checks on the patient and realizes she must take him out of the seclusion room when: 1. He is crying to be released. ...................................................................................continued..................................................................................... [Show More]

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