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Pediatric Nursing The Critical Components of Nursing Care 2nd Edition Rudd Test Bank (1).pdf

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2019 PN Hesi Exit V1 Question 1 A school-age client with diabetes is placed on an intermediateacting insulin and regular insulin before breakfast and before dinner. She will receive a snack of mil... k and cereal at bedtime. What does the nurse tell the client the snack is intended to do? You Selected: • Prevent late night hypoglycemia. Correct response: • Prevent late night hypoglycemia. Question 2 A well-known public official of a small community is admitted to the emergency department following an episode of chest pain. Several nurses from the medical unit are aware of the admission and access the official’s electronic medical record to obtain a status update. What is the best response for the nurse manager to make to the nurses regarding this situation? You Selected: • “Assessing the official’s [Show More]

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