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Test Bank for Fundamental Concepts & Skills for Nursing 4th Edition by deWit YOU CAN FIND MORE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, just go HERE Chapter 01: Nursing and the Health Care System 1. Florence Nightin... gale’s contributions to nursing practice and education: a. are historically important but have no validity for nursing today. b. were neither recognized nor appreciated in her own time. c. were a major factor in reducing the death rate in the Crimean War. d. were limited only to the care of severe traumatic wounds. 2. Early nursing education and care in the United States: a. were directed at community health. b. provided independence for women through education and employment. c. were an educational model based in institutions of higher learning. d. have continued to be entirely focused on hospital nursing. 3. In order to fulfill the common goals defined by nursing theorists (promote wellness, prevent illness, facilitate coping, and restore health), the LPN must take on the roles of: a. caregiver, educator, and collaborator. b. nursing assistant, delegator, and environmental specialist. c. medication dispenser, collaborator, and transporter. d. dietitian, manager, and housekeeper. 4. Although nursing theories differ in their attempts to define nursing, all of them base their beliefs on common concepts concerning: a. self-actualization, fundamental needs, and belonging. b. stress reduction, self-care, and a systems model. c. curative care, restorative care, and terminal care. d. human relationships, the environment, and health. 5. Standards of care for the nursing practice [Show More]

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