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Mental Health Final Exam 1 ATI Questions

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A nurse is planning care for a client who has borderline personality disorder who self-mutilates. Which of the following treatment approaches should the nurse plan to take? Maintain close observati... on of the client. A nurse is assessing a client who has Stage 4 Alzheimer's disease. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect? The client is able to identify the names of family members. A nurse is caring for a client who reports that the television set in the room is really a two-way radio and states, "voices are coming from the TV and everything we say in this room is being recorded." Which of the following responses should the nurse make? "That must be very frightening." A nurse is planning care for a newly admitted client who has bipolar disorder and is experiencing acute mania. Which of the following client goals should the nurse identify as the priority? Maintaining adequate hydration [Show More]

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