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WORD COMMUNITY 403 Final EXAM ATI RN Community Health Online Practice 2020 A

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A home health nurse is visiting with an older adult client. Which of the following observations indicate the need for home modification? a.The home has power strips that have breakers. b.The client ... uses an electric toaster oven for cooking. c. There are two rocking chairs in the living room. d. The bathtub has a seat and a hand-held shower head A case manager is planning an educational program for a client who has diabetes mellitus. Which of the following activities should the nurse include when using the psychomotor domain of learning? a.show the client a video about how to monitor blood glucose levels b.give the client a pamphlet about foot care c.observe the client's technique for drawing up insulin d.review the color diagram of the food pyramid with the client A case manager is developing a discharge plan for a client who has spinal cord injury and is in a rehab facility. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first? a. contact service providers to determine the availability of services offered b. determine the client's ability to perform self-care c. hold a care conference with the client and his family to discuss treatment options d. evaluate the client's satisfaction with the case managers services A school nurse is teaching health promotion to a group of staff members who sit at a desk and use a computer for 8hr at a time. Which of the following information is the priority for the nurse to include a.take a walk after work b.have your visual acuity assessed regularly c.adjust your chair so your elbows are at desk height d. point and flex your toes periodically [Show More]

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